We Will Never Betray President Jammeh Says People of Niamina

We Will Never Betray President Jammeh Says People of Niamina



Ahead of next month’s Presidential Election, the people of Niamina in the Central River Region have promised that they will never betray the founder and chairman of the ruling APRC party, His Excellency Sheikh Professor Dr Alhaji Yahya AJJ Jammeh, Babili Mansa, saying he has fulfilled all the promises he made to them since he assumed power.

The people of the area made the pledge during a meeting at Mamut Fana on day four of President Jammeh’s nationwide tour.

Alhaji Sait Ceesay, Alkalo of Mamut Fana told the meeting that President Jammeh will win the December 1 presidential election because the people of Niamina and the entire Gambians are ever grateful to his government.

we-will-never-betray-1According him, the President has provided them with electricity, roads and schools, maintaining that with the provision of those needs and even more, the people cannot betray Jammeh.

Youth mobilizer Alhagie Babou Ceesay said, “The youth of Niamina will die supporting president Jammeh and the APRC party because we have seen what he did for the youth of this country. The President has fulfilled all the promises he made to us during his previous meeting in this village,” he told the meeting.

While thanking the President for the unprecedented development, Ceesay appealed to the President to help them with a health center.

Lady Councilor Aja Binta Bah-Jagne, also saluted the President for empowering Gambian women and for improving the lives and livelihood of Gambians irrespective of their political affiliation.

“We see no person other than President Jammeh and we [Gambian women] would vote massively for the APRC Party,” she assured the President.

Mambally Dem, also a Lady Councilor from Niamina West, said President Jammeh is not on an election campaign but conducting his traditional annual tour to interact and discuss with Gambians on issues concerning national development. “Gambian women are going to campaign for him because we are all living witnesses to the life-changing developments that President Jammeh brought. The women will not exchange President Jammeh for any person.”

The Lady councilor strongly condemned tribal politics, informing opposing parties that Niamina women are not voting based on tribe but for a competent person who can develop the country. “What is the sense of voting for a person based on tribe when he or she cannot benefit you,” she queried.

Alhaji Mod Ceesay for his part, described Professor Jammeh as a pious Muslim, who has the development of the country at heart. “The Gambia before and today is quite different in terms of development. I advised Gambians to support and rally behind President Jammeh,” the old man advised the meeting.

Also speaking at the rally, Lord Mayor Alhaji Yankuba Colley, the APRC General National Mobiliser, said he is quite confident that the APRC party will register 99.9% in term of votes in Niamina.

He used the meeting to warned some few settlements in Niamina against voting for the opposition parties in spite of benefiting a lot from the developments brought by the APRC. “We are not going to allow anyone cross-carpeting from opposition to APRC after the election victory,” the APRC Mobiliser told the cheering crowd.

The APRC party liaison officer for CRR and Minister for Tourism and Culture, Benjamin Roberts and Balla Garba Jahumpa, Minister for Works and Transport, who also doubles as APRC Campaign manager, both predicted a landslide election victory for APRC in next month’s election.

by Alieu Ceesay & Musa Ndow on Tour