West Coast Vows to Translate Turnout into Votes

West Coast Vows to Translate Turnout into Votes



The people of the West Coast Region have vowed to translate into votes the massive turnout of people that gathered at Brumen Bridge to welcome President Jammeh and entourage as he entered the region.

On Sunday evening, thousands of APRC supporters and loyalists converged at the Bridge, which separates the region from LRR, to welcome the President, setting the stage for the first rally in the region.

The region has always been an APRC stronghold for the past two decades. His arrival in Kalagi signals a no turning back for the people of the region. This highly charged mode could be noticed in him as he navigated around a jam-packed venue atop of his long hummer beaming smiles, waving at the cheering crowd of supporters of all ages.

west-coast-2The President took to the podium to share words of wisdom and caution with supporters ahead of the polls. He emphasised the need for a peaceful election, calling on his supporters to maintain discipline and order. He urged them not to react or insult anybody even if they got insulted from the opposing side.

“Just ignore them even if they insult me and see whether they will see through to the independence celebration,” he said, whilst warning against witchcraft in the Fonis. He also made it very clear to them that he was not out to canvass for anyone’s vote.

“I work for Allah to reward me, if you wish you vote for me, I will continue to do what is expected of me and get Allah’s reward. I will not tell you anything without proof whatever I tell you I have reasons or proof for it. If you can remember all the transition projects started from URR and then to West Coast,” he told the Foninkas.

The President also pledged to transform West Coast Region into an envy of all. He said there would come a time one would travel from Banjul to Kalagi without even realising the difference. He hailed the people of West Coast Region for their unshakable support and prayed for Allah to reward them.

He called on Gambians to submit to the will of God and bang their faith and hope in the hands of the Almighty.  He summed up his address by calling on the young people, particularly the school children to pray regularly to the Almighty Allah.

“Even if I hate you, I cannot prevent you from getting what the Almighty Allah destined for you so whatever you get in this world Allah has ordained for you and whatever somebody has in this world whether you envy the person or you hate the person know that is the Almighty Allah who has given to that person. Believe in Allah; whatever is for you by the Almighty Allah not even a president can do anything about it but whatever is not meant for you even the president cannot get it for you. Believe in Allah, be satisfied, greedy people are the ones that do not believe in God,” he said.

Speaking earlier, Sheriffo Bojang, the deputy minister of Agriculture and APRC liaison officer for the region, and Balla Garba Jahumpa, the APRC campaign manager both stressed that there is no doubt that President Jammeh will win the polls in West Coast Region.

The alkalo of Kalagi Sulayman Sanyang promised President Jammeh that his people and Foni Jarrol are forever behind him. He said Gambians are grateful to Allah to be blessed with a leader like President Jammeh and assured they will vote overwhelmingly for the APRC party.

Chief Alhaji Kutubo Sanyang of Foni Jarrol said Gambians should be honest to themselves and be thankful to the President for improving their lives and livelihoods. He said the transformations ushered in by the Jammeh administration in all sectors of development are visible to all. He finally prayed for President Jammeh’s longevity and good health.

Kaddy Jammeh, the Foni Jarrol Federation president assured that the women of Foni will forever support the President who has empowered them and make all women look equal.

Borry LSB Colley, senior protocol officer and former National Assembly member for Foni Jarrol Constituency said West Coast Region owns President Jammeh and therefore, they should demonstrate that by voting for him massively.

He added that President Jammeh stands for development, peace and progress. He said none of the opposition candidates is credible and fit to lead the country.

Governor Aminata Siffay Hydara of West Coast Region reaffirmed her region’s unalloyed loyalty and support to the President and the ruling party. Just like other speakers, she said the women of her region are fully behind the President, noting that it will be demonstrated on Election Day.

“APRC will defeat the opposition like never before in any presidential election around the world,” she reaffirmed.

Isatou Jiffanga-Jarju, APRC national women mobiliser said West Coast Region has the highest number of votes and urged them to vote for the President. She thanked the people of Kalagi and Foni Jarrol for the rousing welcome accorded to the Presidential entourage. “Jammeh is ours and we should all come out and vote for him,” she told the meeting.

Yankuba Colley, APRC national mobiliser general said: “President is our [APRC] candidate, we will vote for him and he will win. Don’t listen to the baseless and useless comments by the oppositions.”

by Musa Ndow & Alieu ceesay