Woman, 32, Needs Urgent Assistance

Woman, 32, Needs Urgent Assistance




Binta Touray, a 32-year-old and resident of Bakau Mamakoto is in dire need of assistance to undergo medical treatment in Senegal, Dakar.

According to the medical report issued at GHIS Liver Clinic, MRC Unit Gambia, Binta Touray was referred to the liver clinic of MRC OPD with a one-year history of gradual abdominal distension and an ultrasound scan examination showing a grossly enlarged liver with a large irregular mass occupying most of the left lobe.

It further noted that, history of the mass confirmed an adenocarcinoma that did not arise out of the liver as indicated by the tumour cells being 100% negative for HepPart1 and Arginase1.

“It went on stating that the findings revealed two masses within the uterine cavity, largest measuring 6.4x 6 cm, which were thought to be uterine fibroids. The rest of her investigations showed mild anaemia (Hb 10.8, MCV 78), with normal renal and liver biochemistry,” the report stated.

The report also indicated that clearly in view of her young are and the fact that she is the breadwinner for her family, all efforts should be made to help her as despite the underlying diagnosis, she is still physically active and working hard to make sure that her family doesn’t go hungry.

Another report from the Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital indicated that a C.T Scan on her abdomen shown Hypodence mass (21HU) measured 17×12 cm in diameter occupied the body and left lobule of the liver the images suggestive hepatoma lesion the mass compresses and displacement stomach.

“It also revealed a normal spleen; both kidneys are normal, normal urinary bladder fibroid calcified uterus, in conclusion the patient is diagnosed with Hepatoma, Fibroid Uterus”.

Lisa Suwareh, the mother to the patient, lamented that her daughter’s condition is giving them sleepless night since the issue of Dakar treatment arise.

According to her, Binta is the breadwinner of the family as she is involved in petty business.

She appealed for support from government institutions, private sector, NGO’s and individuals. Anyone willing to help can contact these numbers, 7719624 / 9185700 / 7999630.

by Fatoumata Ceesay