Youths and National Development

Youths and National Development


Tens of thousands of Gambian youths at the weekend converged at the administrative capital of the Upper River Region, Basse, in what is described as the biggest youth gathering anywhere in The Gambia, vowing to defend the ideals and values of the Glorious July 22nd Revolution.

The five-day gathering, is meant to say thank you to the architect of this Great Revolution, His Excellency Sheikh Professor Alhaji Dr. Yahya AJJ Jammeh Babili Mansa for empowering them to an unprecedented level, the youths also pledged to vote massively for the President as they seek to give him another landslide victory and a new five-year mandate in the December polls.

We would like to commend the Gambian youths for the bold step they have taken in returning thanks and appreciation to the President. Unlike the previous government, the Jammeh administration has put youth empowerment at the forefront of its development agenda and today there is increasing youth representation at key decision-making positions.

The President has also realised that developing the youth is like laying solid foundations for sustainable growth and expansion. As a result, the government is cognizant of the importance of a skill-based society, which has the potential to ensure uninterruptible supply of our development needs and there is a great lot to point at in the ever-enlivening crusade of uplifting the status of the youth of this country.

The establishment of indispensable national institutions like the National Youth Council, the National Youth Service Scheme, the National Enterprise Development Initiative, the National Sports Council, the President’s International Award and The Gambia Songhai Initiative, are all indications of the readiness of the leadership of this country to support the youth.

So as we commend the government under the leadership of Professor Jammeh for always demonstrating its undivided commitment to the development of its youth, we in turn applaud the youths for taking their rightful positions in national development.