Youths, Rise Up to the Challenge

Youths, Rise Up to the Challenge


Gambian youths this week urged their contemporaries to stay at home and make best use of the opportunities created by the leadership rather than continuing to risk their lives through the deadly Mediterranean Sea.

We couldn’t agree with them more because the population of The Gambia is mainly youth with more than 63.55%   below 25 years of age.

In any establishment, the development of the youth folk is indispensable because developing the youth is like laying down solid foundations for sustainable growth and expansion. As a result, since the advent of the July 22nd Revolution, the Gambian leader has put youth development and empowerment at the forefront of his administration’s agenda. The government is also cognizant of the importance of a skill-based society, which has the potential to ensure uninterruptible supply of our development needs.

There is a great lot to point at in the ever-enlivening crusade of uplifting the status of the youth of this country. The establishment of indispensable institutions like the National Youth Council, the National Youth Service Scheme, the National Enterprise Development Initiative, President’s International Award and the most recent scheme, The Gambia Songhai Initiative as well as the increasing weight of support being exerted by government towards realising these goals, by increasing youth representation at all levels of decision making, are all indications of the readiness of the leadership of this country.

So as we commend the government for always demonstrating its unqualified commitment to the development of its youth, we would also like to implore the Gambian youth themselves to make best use of those opportunities and pick up the life changing initiatives to build a better future in The Gambia rather than risk their lives through the perilous journey of the Mediterranean.