Youths Rising to the Challenge

Youths Rising to the Challenge


Youths as the cream of any given nation need to be empowered in order for a nation to achieve lasting sustainable development. This explains why youths and related empowerment programmes continue to be priorities in this country under the leadership of President Jammeh.

Empowering the youths of the country means giving them the ability to move the country to where it ought to be. It is important to note here that empowerment could be done in different ways such as the provision of quality and affordable education, skills training in different areas of specialisation such as carpentry, metal works, and fishing, among others. No nation can make it when its youthful population is both intellectually and skillfully underdeveloped.

There is a whole lot to point at in the ever-enlivening crusade of uplifting the status of the youth of this country. The establishment of indispensable institutions like the National Youth Council, the National Youth Service Scheme, the National Enterprise Development Initiative, President’s International Award and the most recent scheme, the Songhai Gambia Initiative as well as the increasing weight of support being exerted by government towards realising these goals, by increasing youth representation at all levels of decision making, are all indications of the readiness of the leadership of this country.

It is therefore, heartwarming to note that Gambian youths are finally living up to the challenge by becoming not only job seekers but job creators as rightly stated by the Basic Education minister.

There is no doubt that the government of The Gambia will continue to empower and explore the potentials of the youthful population of the country through different programmes and with the youth beginning to take up the challenge, we can only say that the future of this country is very bright.