22nd July Caravan: North Bank’s Perspectives on the Revolution

22nd July Caravan: North Bank’s Perspectives on the Revolution



Locals in the North Bank Region (NBR) have been sharing their perspectives on the importance of the advent of the July 22nd 1994 Revolution.

They attested that the Second Republic has and continues to register series of development projects in the region.

From the AFPRC General Hospital in Farafenni, the Babili Mansa Bridge at Kerewan, good road networks, schools, security and booming businesses; the landmark developments in Region are beyond imagination.

Modou Cham of the Transport Union of Farafenni recalled the difficulties in the sector in the first Republic. “We [drivers] are grateful looking at the numerous developments in the transport sector in North Bank Region. This has helped to ease the movement of people.”

With the good road linking Barra and Farafenni and Farafenni to other areas, Cham said drivers are happier today than before the Revolution.

Awa Camara sells mangoes in Farafenni and was more than willing to share her story with the Caravan crew. “President Jammeh is a leader who has developed the country and empowers the women. I am behind him today, tomorrow and forever,” she told the July 22nd Development Caravan.

Abdou Njie, a butcher in Farafenni said: “We can spend days and I cannot narrate all the developments brought in by the Revolution. The Gambia is a different country now because in the past one had to wait for long hours before getting a vehicle to Kaur or Barra due to the poor road networks.”

Nyomi Kassama of Farafenni Mauritanie said: “The President has empowered us and the construction of the Farafenni Hospital is also another development that is helping the people.”

Isatou Touray, a grade 11 student of Farafenni Senior School prayed to witness many more 22nd July Anniversaries. She commended the President for providing free education at basic and secondary schools.

Cherno A Jallow, also a native of Farafenni was quite grateful to the Gambian leader for delivering on his promises. “I urge all Gambians to continue to support the Revolution.”

Head of the border village of Kerr Sulai, Muhammed Jallow, said the transformation happening in the country is visible to every Gambian.

The Gambia, he told the Caravan, is one of the fastest developing countries in the sub-region and prayed for the continued peace and stability of the country.

Isatou Secka, a house wife in Kerr Sulai village lauded the President for the numerous developments, notably the AFPRC Hospital in Farafenni.

Lamin Quin Jammeh, Governor of the North Bank Region, said the Caravan being an initiative of Momodou Sabally, was indeed going towards the right direction. He added that the 22nd July Revolution has brought numerous developments to The Gambia.

“My region is grateful to President Jammeh for solving our problems and continuously putting smiles on our faces. Out of the magnanimity of a dynamic leader, he fully and strongly supported us in agriculture, constructed the Babili Mansa Bridge [at Kerewan], constructed good roads with proper networking, hospitals and schools and many more,” he stated.

Alhaji Fabala Fadia M.J Kinteh, Chief of Lower Badibou, expressed appreciation to President Jammeh for the love and support he has been rendering to the people of NBR. “He is a leader who knows and provides what his people needs. Thanks to the 22nd July Revolution for rapidly transforming Gambia, especially NBR. We really appreciate Jammeh’s effort and will continue rallying behind him to attain his aims and objectives.”

Binta Manneh-Hydara, Women Mobiliser of Badibou Kerewan, commended the President for empowering the women of the NBR, while thanking him for constructing the bridge at Kerewan. The bridge, she told the caravan, has greatly eased the movement of people and goods.

Meanwhile, the Caravan will continue the tour today (Thursday) within the Greater Banjul Area after three days of criss-crossing rural Gambia.

The Caravan was received on arrival at the Banjul Ferry Terminal by the Director General Momodou Sabally who praised the team for a job well done. He promised to continue initiating similar ventures in the future.

by Alieu Ceesay

& Modou Lamin Jammeh on tour