5 Reasons to Visit The Gambia

5 Reasons to Visit The Gambia



There are a lot of reasons why people, especially tourists love The Smiling Coast of Africa. While you need few reasons to convince yourself, it’s important that you decide where exactly to go in Destination Gambia in your next holiday trip. One cannot talk about The Gambia without mentioning the superb climate, friendly locals, quiet beach resorts and diverse wildlife.

5 REASONS 3 However, to go for specifics, here are a synopsis of five top reasons to visit The Gambia for your next holiday.

The Warmth of Winter Sunshine

When dreary weather hits the UK, The Gambia experiences almost uninterrupted sunshine and practically zero rainfall. In fact, from November to June, holidaymakers can experience average maximum temperatures as low as 30s, ensuring that The Gambia is a fantastic winter sun destination especially if you based yourself in one of our beachfront hotels.

A Diverse Range of Accommodation

While being on the sand and beside the sea are certainly tempting, you can enjoy a myriad of accommodation options during holidays in The Gambia. Whether it’s 5-star luxury holidays, 2-star comfort, a lodge floating on the River Gambia or a stylish eco-retreat; this range of quality accommodation will suit all manners of holidaymakers.

A Soft Introduction to Africa

In many countries in Africa, the multi-sensory, vibrant atmosphere which accompanies day-to-day life can prove slightly overwhelming, or certainly not rejuvenating. In The Gambia, however, you’ll encounter a more relaxed, laid-back pace of life. Culture shocks are common place when visiting developing countries, but the friendly locals will put you at ease as soon as you see their big smiles. In addition to this, the official language of Gambia is English, ensuring easy communication and even access to English-language newspapers and magazines!

 Feeling Anonymous on The Beach

5 REASONS 2When the summer season arrives, a typical holidaymaker will flock to the beaches of the Canary Islands, the south of Spain or the Caribbean. Unfortunately, everybody else has the same idea, and this often results in crowded beaches and resorts. In The Gambia, it isn’t unusual to have the beach almost exclusive to yourself. And given that the country enjoys year-round sunshine, there’s no need to wait until the peak  months to get your fill of the sand, sun and sea.

Time is On Your Side

It may come as a surprise to some, but The Gambia functions on the same time zone as that of the UK. This ensures your holiday doesn’t lose a day or two as you battle with jetlag. In addition to this, a flight time of just six hours will allow you to enjoy breakfast in the UK and be sat by the pool with a drink by mid-afternoon. And with a range of activities, excursions and destinations to discover, you’ll want to make the most of your time in The Gambia.

by Yunus Saliu

 Culled : The Gambia Experience – www.gambia.co.uk