Adama Jobe: Reigning Miss Africa-Netherlands

Adama Jobe: Reigning Miss Africa-Netherlands



In 2015, Miss Adama Jobe made headlines in the Netherlands when she was crowned Miss Africa Netherlands 2015-16 winner. The reigning Queen is also a fashion and runway model currently studying Media and Communication at ARCUS College in HEERLEN. She was born and raised in the Smiling Coast of Africa, (The Gambia). Currently living in the Netherlands, Miss Jobe is the founder of Adama Jobe Foundation for Women and Children.

ADAMA JOBEBantaba recently caught up with her and here is an excerpt:

Bantaba: You recently won an award in Europe and decided to come back home to present it to the President. How did you achieve this success and what was the motivation to bring home this glory?

Adama: In November 2015, I participated in the Miss Africa Netherlands beauty pageant and won the title Miss Africa Netherlands 2015/2016. I have always been proud of my roots and my home, and I felt it is my duty to represent my lovely country and Africa as a whole in the best way that I can. It took a lot of hard work, but where there are determination and dedication there is always success. It was a great honour for me to present my award to the Vice President, Dr. Isatou Njie Saidy. It also availed me the opportunity to meet an African icon being one of the longest serving vice presidents in the world. It was very motivational and I considered the experience a huge blessing that adds value to my work and inspires other young women to step out of their shells and work towards their goals.

Bantaba: You were recently featured in the Vogue Magazine. How did you feel about this; seemingly a great opening in your career?

Adama: Being featured by Vogue under their vibrant segment ‘Vogue Talents’ is a big honour. The fashion industry in Europe lacks diversity, so to be able to shine and represent dark-skinned models is always considered great achievement. I have made it a duty to showcase natural African beauty and it is great to see that huge fashion magazines and brands such as VOGUE appreciate and publish that.

Bantaba: What are your career plans?

Adama: I have always been very outspoken and bold; it was therefore no surprise to my family and friends that I chose journalism as my future career. My short term goals involve achieving a degree in the field and to be able to showcase and represent what I believe  to a global audience. My long-term goals involve becoming an entrepreneur to a multimedia company that offers young women a chance to shine in the media, also centered on showing the world the real Africa.

Bantaba: Are you still going to school? If so do you intend to continue with academic studies given your modeling prospects?

Adama: I am studying International Communications and Media Technology and I am also doing modelling on the side. The challenge for me is trying not to be too focused on one thereby neglecting the other. I therefore always ensure that I am able to juggle both, which tends to be very exhaustive sometimes. I love my job but education is my biggest priority. I am focused on getting my degree first, after which I am considering taking a year off to pursue an international modelling career, in New York, Milan and Paris etc… In sha Allah.

ADAMA JOBE 2Bantaba: What is your advice to upcoming models in The Gambia?

Adama: Responsibility, confidence and self-control. It is important for upcoming models to know that being a beauty queen or a model has a lot more to do with knowledge and self-discipline than looks. My advice for them would be for them to believe in their abilities, be focused and dedicated, to never lose their self discipline and learn to pick themselves up when they fall. It is also very important to always ask for the guidance from the Almighty and our beloved parents.

Bantaba: Any parting words for our readers?

Adama: I would like to thank my fellow Gambians for their undying support and encouragement. Gambians are very patriotic and whenever I have a competition or event, they stand by me; and because of that I will never stop raising our flag higher.  THANK YOU!