African Media Exposed to COP22 Academy in Rabat

African Media Exposed to COP22 Academy in Rabat




Members of the African media were recently exposed to the COP22 Academy in Rabat, Morocco. The pressmen are currently in the Moroccan capital to cover various press events organised by the Steering Committee of the COP22 to be held in Marrakech, Morocco, in November, 2016.

The COP22 Academy is an open forum where journalists are given the opportunity to raise questions about the scale of preparedness by host country of COP22 and the challenges that are likely to be faced. The forum also outlined the importance of the African Media in the crusade as the continent is looking forward to achieving its key priorities including water, which seeks to be positioned at the heart of the Marrakech Conference.

One of the reasons why the Steering Committee of COP22 invited the continent’s media is that they want the African journalist community at the center-stage of COP22 Marrakech issues through their active participation in a session of the COP Academy, and a series of meetings with members of the Steering Committee and the interdepartmental commission and experts.

Aziz Mekouar, the Ambassador for Multilateral Negotiations, said that Africa is the least emitter of greenhouse gas in the world and that it’s quite important that the continent, that is representing the highest number of vulnerable states suffering from climate change has to be listened to and its problems be addressed as priority on the global agenda.

“Africa is representing a huge potential of development.” he said. “Good perspectives are in Africa and what we need in Africa is to have access to technology.”

He said there is political stability, security and justice system in Africa, pointing out that is an indication of a proper investment environment in the continent.

“We have huge opportunity with COP22,” he said. “But we will be meeting not only governments because we want in terms of solidarity to share with our brothers our success story in the area of solar energy and agriculture.”

Mohamed Benyahia, Head of Side Events and Director at the Ministry of the Environment in Morocco, said that efforts are underway in terms of mobilising resources and other logistics needed to successfully host the COP22.

Said Mouline, Head of Public-Private Partnership, who spoke about the role of the private sector in COP22 Marrakech, acknowledged that the private sector can play very vital roles to help the continent achieve its aims in as much as they organise themselves in a more convincing manner.

In her welcoming remarks, Samira Sitail, Head of Press and Communications, said her country was delighted to invite the African Media, which she said, would give them direct access to information around COP22 in Marrakech.

She spoke about the role of journalists in the crusade, saying their direct access to information would help shape the continent and the world at large in terms of efforts that are undergoing towards successfully hosting the Marrakech Conference in a more historic manner.


by Bekai Njie in Rabat