Agric Minister Wraps Up Farm Material Distribution Tour

Agric Minister Wraps Up Farm Material Distribution Tour



The Minister of Agriculture at the weekend concluded a multi-million dalasi farming materials distribution tour countrywide, with the delegation’s final stop at Kerewan, North Bank Region.

Minister Ismaila Sanyang was accompanied by senior officials from his Ministry and the Vision 2016 focal person at the Office of the President, Ousman Rambo Jatta.

Speaking at one of the presentations at the Governor’s Office in URR, Minister Sanyang called on the district chiefs and beneficiaries to avoid misusing the donated farm materials.

“My warning to all the beneficiaries and the chiefs is for them to avoid any complicity towards these materials,” he stressed. “We have realised that the issue of sustainability is becoming a big problem in this country and there is no way we can develop without sustaining what we have in place. The misuse of materials would not be accepted anymore.”

The Director of the Central Projects Coordinating Unit (CPCU), Mbaye Jabang said: “The materials are in response to the farmers’ demand during the President’s tour, but the President warned us seriously on the issues of sustainability which warranted the change of system.”

He said the women are seriously considered in this project, expressing his believe that they hold the strong pillar when it comes to farming in this country. The attitude of using [and then] damage and pack, he added, would not be accepted in this country any longer.

Ousman Rambo Jatta for his part said the realisation of Vision 2016 will help the country eradicate poverty and the issues of irregular migration, saying the vision will provide jobs which will engage the youths.

Fabala Kinteh, Chief of Lower Badibou, said the time has come for Gambians to think of what to give back to the President because he has done everything for the country. He said it is left to the Gambian people to make sure they start taking good care of the opportunities presented to them by the President.

Aja Haddy Gaye, APRC Deputy Women’s Mobiliser, NBR, expressed gratitude to the Ministry for the support, saying President Jammeh has a big heart for Gambian people, especially the farming community.

The Governor of the Region, Lamin Quin Jammeh applauded President Jammeh for the gesture, saying it is another clear manifestation of government’s willingness to empower Gambian farmers.

He said the new system undertaken by the Agric Ministry shows that they are ready to be transparent, assuring them of putting the materials given to his region into good use and to the right people.

Governor Jammeh called on his people to maintain their love for President Jammeh, noting that what he has done for the country cannot be overemphasised.


by Alhagie Babou Jallow