Some think it is the Kerewan Bridge;

And to some it is the Gambia River Bridge;

To some others it is the Denton Bridge;

Some think is the Brumang Bridge

Or the numerous culverts on the country side roads;

And to others, it is just another name;

But to the evergreen Gambia faithfuls,

The name, Babili Mansa, strike multiple chords;

And who or what is Babili Mansa?

Babili Mansa is the unseen ear that hears what others cannot hear;

He is the unseen eye that sees what others cannot see;

He is the unseen touch that feels what others cannot feel;

Babili Mansa is the big heart the beliefs what others think impossible

Babili Mansa is the phenomenon encapsulated in positivism;

Babili Mansa saw the roads that some could not see;

And sees the citadels of learning that others could not imagine;

Babili Mansa saw the iconic buildings that others cannot fathom;

And believes in a silicon future that others think cannot exist;

Babili Mansa believes in possibilities that others think not feasible;

Between the years, of doubt and that of positive thinking;

Babili Mansa again and again has been proved right;

Undeterred by negative comments or discouraging data;

Babili Mansa set to work with zeal and faith in God

And has attained heights through faith, integrity and hard work;

To the consternation of worldwide sceptics;

The super roads round the Gambia are here for use;

The Media stations beam digital news for the whole world to hear;

The Citadels of learning now produce future generation of Africans leaders;

The Health Centres are adding value to quality and longevity of life;

And so who is this Babili Mansa?

He spoke in Kanilai and we heard him in Ecowas

He spoke in Banjul and it reverberated from Cape to Cairo;

He spoke in Elsysee Palace and is heard in New York;

He spoke in Abuja to the hearing of Africa

And he spoke in Addis to the hearing of Asia

Babili Mansa stands for transnational mutual respect for each other;

Its about honest partnership but not subjugation or overlordship;

Its about self determination but not subtle neo-colonization;

Its simply about sincerity of you for you and me for me;

Its about humanity and universal justice but not exploitation.

Babili Mansa connects with tolerance and accommodation;

His bridges reconnect warring factions with peace and hope;

This bridge reconnects families and friends with their loved ones;

The bridge connects entrepreneurs to productive economic aspirations.

The bridge connects every dreamer to their dignified dreams


The bridge connects learners to their chosen careers and professions;

The bridge connects enterprising transnational minds to successful heights;

It connectsthe illustrious historical past with a dignifying present and future;

The bridge connects the present generation with their forgotten values and traditions;

This bridge connects one love and one heart together to feel alright.

And so, Who, I must ask, is this Bridge?

The  bridge is the force that promotes dignity of agriculture;

That rewards excellence and promote enterprise at every given opportunity

That draws no barrier with skin or colour or language

The Bridge that  promotes the unity of man in every land and clime

This Bridge is The Great Hero of the century;

The beloved affectionate enterprising charismatic leader;

The caring father of the Super Power House of Peace;

The Lion of the Smiling Coast of Africa.

This Bridge is non else but Sheikh Professor Alhagie Doctor Yahya Abdul Azeez Jamus Junkun Jammeh BABILI MANSA – JILANKA.

Author: Sunray Africa.