Baby Mysteriously Disappears in Brikamaba Minutes After Birth

Baby Mysteriously Disappears in Brikamaba Minutes After Birth




Following 12 solid months of pregnancy, a woman recently delivered in the Central River Region village of Brikamaba but the baby mysteriously disappeared without trace few minutes after its birth.

The police have since launched a search with an attempt to locate the disappeared baby but almost a week since the incident took place it is yet to be found.

The father of the lost baby, who wants to remain anonymous for privacy reasons, said his wife went into labour on Tuesday July 12 and as a result she was accompanied by some children to the Brikamaba Hospital. He added that before they reached the said Hospital, the young lady told the children to go back and inform her mother-in-law about her condition because she could no longer continue the foot journey to the hospital.

“My wife suffered a miscarriage on many occasions since we got married but this particular pregnancy has been going on for twelve months and two months before this incident, she usually dreamt that when she is about to deliver, an old woman would be there to assist her,” an emotional father told the Daily Observer.

“So when the children returned to the scene with her in-law they found out that she had delivered but the baby was nowhere to be found and as a result they searched everywhere but couldn’t find the baby. She was later taken to the hospital and even there, she told us that she could see her baby being washed by some people but it later disappeared even though we couldn’t see it.”

The mysterious disappearance of this baby has dominated discussions in this metropolitan town and its surrounding villages. Speaking further, the husband was unequivocal as to the reasons behind the disappearance of his child.

“I believe that there is a devil following my wife and that has led to the disappearance of my child,” he concluded.

by Momodou Jawo in base URR