Cluster Monitor Calls on Parents to Partner with Teachers

Cluster Monitor Calls on Parents to Partner with Teachers




 The senior Cluster Monitor for Cluster 6 schools in Region One has urged the parents around the said cluster to build a stronger relationship with teachers in order to know the welfare of their children especially their academic performance.

Buba Jarjou was speaking while presiding over the 16th graduation ceremony of fifty one nursery three pupils who have completed their three-year childhood care education at Nyodema Nursery School in Manjai Kunda. The event was held on the theme: “Quality education for excellence”.

Jarjou urged parents to always visit their children in school; interact with their teachers. “If that prevails they will know the academic position and behaviour of their children.”

He went on: “Always try to provide your children with their basic school needs; that would create a conducive learning environment. Some of those needs are: timely payment of school fees, provision of lunch money, provision of school books and other relevant learning materials.”

This, he added, will build their children’s confidence and help them do away with inferiority complex.

Jarjou further posited that education is an investment and therefore reminded the pupils that ‘if they want to succeed in life, they must be disciplined, determined, consistent, hardworking, honest, respectful, obedient, courteous, humble, patient and tolerant’.

Giving her annual report, the Headmistress of Nyodema Nursery School, Mariama Secka–Darboe informed parents that a total of 51 students have completed their three-year nursery education, out of which 135 were girls and 99 boys.

“As part of this graduation ceremony, the school will open a new internet café sponsored by our Belgium Friends of The Gambia (BFoTG). The internet café will be used by the BFoTG’s sponsored students who are attending upper basic, senior and tertiary institutions, but they find it difficult to do their assignments,” Madam Darboe informed parents.

According to her, three Belgian students were in her school for a one-month teaching practice but they returned after successful completion.


by Lamin B. Darboe