Congratulations Mr President on the 22nd July Celebration

Congratulations Mr President on the 22nd July Celebration



Mr Editor

Please allow me to writer through your good office to congratulate the President of the Islamic Republic of The Gambia on the occasion of the 22nd July celebration.

It may be a surprise and of interest to some people who knew me as a UDP militant but being a nationalist of this great nation who have seen the period of the first republic and in a systematic and orderly manner compared it to the second republic can only be fair to the nation by congratulating the President, the government and people of the Gambia on this very special occasion.

Well I thank Allah for making it possible for me to once again witness the celebration of this year’s 22nd July Revolution Day. This day really worth celebrations in view of the fact that, the government of The Gambia has registered numerous achievements under the leadership of President Jammeh of the APRC party.

Most families have benefited directly or indirectly as a result of the achievements registered during the second republic. For those of us who came from poor families, who were not dreaming of sending our children to high school during the first republic, I wish to confess that two of my children have benefited from the scholarships of the APRC government and have graduated from the University of The Gambia.

Honestly when my eldest son first informed that he got a scholarship to be enrolled in The University of The Gambia, I deliberately referred him to his uncle and told him to let no one know that I am his biological father, hoping that if it is known that the parent is an opposition he will be denied the opportunity.  But surprisingly my son replied that he has gone through the interview and it is known that I am his parent and the award of scholarship is never based on politics.

Interestingly, my son recently revealed to me that regardless of opposing the government, most of our sons has benefited from the scholarship awards and over 75% of the students at the University have benefited from the award. It was a surprise to me because none of my friends revealed the secret to me but they will always and proudly inform me that their children have made it to the University.

As a result of the achievements registered by the government of The Gambia under the leadership of President Jammeh, I wish to call on all Gambians to join in the celebration of this very important date in the history of our great nation.

Remember, Gambians were challenged to list down the achievements of the government but to date I am not privileged to see anyone with the comprehensive list of the achievements. Honestly a lot is achieved.

A hospital (RVTH) that used to have eight doctors during the first republic is now transformed with over 80 doctors and so many nurses are trained; three other hospitals are built and many more health centers.

A dream has come through, a TV station is built and a university is also built and fully operational, numerous schools are built country wide.

My wife has realized that when her uncle was serving in the police he was not privileged to go for the UN/AU Peace keeping missions, however my son who quickly told her that the government of the second republic has attached great interest in World peace as a result send officers to help in maintaining peace in other parts of the world. He did not hesitate to cite the Bissau Peace talk.

Politically some of us became politicians (oppositions) as a result of the 22nd July Revolution and we know how much we benefit as members of the opposition. As a result of 22nd July Revolution, my brother OJ Jallow is proudly claiming leadership of the PPP in the absence Sabally, MC Cham and others.

Amat Bah became a political leader and attracts investors, operates hotels. My boss Darboe also became a political leader but jealously don’t want anyone to become a flag bearer for our party in the forthcoming presidential election after knowing that he is not qualified as stated in the Constitution. We know how nice it is to be a political leader, though we are not directly telling the electorates but there is a lot of exposure, financial gains and other numerous gains we benefit from. Although we know that we don’t have the capability to govern this country but we continue to oppose the government as a result of the benefits we received.

My apology to those who may feel disappointed but it is definitely a nation issue and it worth celebrations. Those of us who were frequently travelling to CRR, to LRR and URR have all the right to celebrate at the end of every journey we make, the roads are good, we arrived safely and on time, even the fuel consumption is reduced, thanks to President Jammeh and his government.

Concern Gambian