Counsel Asks Pre-Mix Operations Manager to Produce Academic Qualifications

Counsel Asks Pre-Mix Operations Manager to Produce Academic Qualifications

Pa Harry Jammeh, defence counsel of Babucarr Badjie, a former Finance Officer at Pre-Mix Oil Company has asked the Operations Manager of the Company, Ousman Jammeh to produce his academic qualifications to the court to justify a report he claimed to have written against the accused person.

The request follows Mr Jammeh’s earlier evidence before Principal Magistrate Hilary Abeke at the Kanifing Magistrates’ Court as third prosecution witness in which he (Jammeh) said he is overseeing the auditing of the Company. Jammeh also said in his evidence that he conducted a review on the accused person’s daily banking transactions on the Company’s accounts and realised some discrepancies amounting to about D33 Million; a report of which was tendered as an exhibit in court.

Mr Badjie is accused of stealing D33 Million from his employer between the months of January and December, 2015 by virtue of his position as finance officer of the Associated Pre-mix Oil Company Ltd.

Under Cross-Examination, Jammeh (the witness) told the court that he is an accountant by profession and studied accounting at Senior Secondary School level from grades 10 to 12. He also said he had a Diploma in Business Administration from the Lamin Institute of Professional Studies, which he said earned him a job at Elton Oil Company where he spent 5 years.

Defence Counsel Pa Harry Jammeh asked the witness whether he has any qualification in auditing but the witness answered that the two qualifications he mentioned are the ones he attained.

He told the court that he has benefitted from on the job trainings and rose to many positions up to the current one. The witness added that his qualification documents were at home, prompting defence counsel Jammeh to ask for him to provide them to court in the next adjourned date.

He said he was assigned by the Company’s Managing Director to conduct a review on the accused person’s banking transactions on a daily basis hence he (the accused person) was not complying.

“When we conducted the review from 1st January to the 31st December 2015 on the Company’s various bank accounts, we went to the banks and collected our statements and tracked down the name of the accused person on the statements from all the banks. We also find that there were some days that he (the accused) would go to the banks but would not deposit money into the accounts,” the witness said.

He said recalculation was done on the money the accused person withdrew on daily basis and they realized that there were some discrepancies which amounted to about D33 Million.

The witness said he then wrote a report dated 15th February 2016, signed and sent it to the Company’s Managing Director.

The case is now adjourned to 8th August for continuation of Cross-Examination.

by Meita Touray