Court Levies D8, 000 Fine on Assailant

Court Levies D8, 000 Fine on Assailant




Magistrate Isatou Janneh of the Brikama Magistrates’ Court has levied D8,000 fine on one Mariama Ceesay, who was battling a single count assault charge before her. The magistrate also ruled that if Mariama failed to pay the fine, she would serve 2 years in prison.

Mrs Ceesay was charged for willfully and unlawfully assaulting one Kumba Faal (complainant) by pouring boiled cooking oil on her left and right hands, causing her actual bodily harm on 17th June, 2016 at Old Yundum Village. A fight between Mrs Ceesay and Faal led to both of them sustaining injuries.

During last Thursday’s ruling, Magistrate Janneh levied D5, 000 fine on Mrs Faal and D8, 000 fine on Mrs Ceesay.

Police Prosecutor Sergeant 2202 Fadera said the incident happened when Mrs Faal’s child asked Mrs Ceesay, who was in  a kitchen, for water. He said Mrs Faal later came in the kitchen and both of them started exchanging words.

He said Mrs Ceesay later went back in the kitchen and put hot oil in a kettle and followed Faal and poured the hot oil on her face, breast, and leg.

Prosecutor Fadera said Faal was helped by neighbours who took her to the police station and was later taken to the Banjulinding Health Centre, where she was admitted and discharged.

Ceesay had pleaded for the court to exercise mercy on her and promised she would never repeat her actions.


by Fatou Gassama