D12M Access Roads Project for Jarra West Rice Fields

D12M Access Roads Project for Jarra West Rice Fields




A D12 million project earmarked for the construction of the 3.4 and 3.7 kilometres access roads along over 200-hectare rice fields in the Jarra West District of the Lower River Region was on Friday contracted to EBS Construction Ltd.

The work, to be delivered within five months, is meant to construct two access roads deep into the rice fields beginning from the outskirts of Jarra Si-Kunda to Soma Tenda and then Pakalinding village.

These two projects, sponsored by the National Agricultural Land and Water Management Project (NEMA), were handed over to the contractor by the Minister of Agriculture, Ismailia Sanyang in a brief ceremony in LRR.

“The construction of these two access roads is part   of the ongoing activities in the implementation of the NEMA and is a follow up to similar intervention projects funded by NEMA in Kanni-Kunda, Kiang Kwinella, and Mandour Villages in LRR,” said Minister Sanyang, further disclosing that during the President’s most recent tour, he had instructed for the construction of the access roads.

“The Gambia Government is committed to revitalizing the agricultural sector and there are plans in the pipeline to come up with agricultural transformation programmes with the goal to keep poverty and hunger away from the country. We are going in for agribusiness because what we are up to in these programmes is to support and empower farmers to have access to high quality and high-yield seeds and fertilisers and we will as well provide linkages for farmers to have access to markets to sell their produce.”

The Minister challenged the people of the District to seize the opportunity to grow more rice for food security and for commercial benefits as well.

Aja Fatou Njie Fofana-Jarjusey, the Deputy National Women Mobiliser of the APRC said: “I would once again call on all Gambians, especially Si-Kunda, to rally behind President Jammeh because it’s under his leadership that development projects such as the ongoing rural electrification expansion project and this access road project reached Si-Kunda.”

Salifu Puye, the regional Governor said: “This day is yet another day witnessing the beginning of another important project and I must acknowledge that these projects would help the farmers to have easy access to good roads into the rice fields and that it would also encourage them to grow more rice and facilitate increased productivity in the LRR.”

Ansumana Njie, the Regional Director of Agriculture, said the project would help farmers have easy access to good roads into the rice fields. “What we are working and planning to do is to revive rice production in LRR back to its good old days to the extent of it being compared to the rice hub in Sapu,” he said.

Alhagie Badou Samba who spoke on behalf of the contractor, Serign A. Samba, affirmed that the project would be completed on time.

by Salifu M. Touray in LRR