Exotic Fashion Expression Awards Paja Design

Exotic Fashion Expression Awards Paja Design



Paja Designs was recently given an award of appreciation for his participation at the third edition of the Exotic Fashion Expression Fashion Show.

The show was organised by Exotic Modeling Agency in which he was invited to participate in Accra, Ghana.

Pa Modou Jah, creative designer and owner of Paja Designs in The Gambia was one of the many designers that was honoured to take part in the event.

Speaking in an Observer Light interview, Pa Modou said this was the first time a designer from The Gambia took part in the event. Being that designer, he added is indeed a great honour.

He thanked the organisers for the platform, giving opportunities to many of Africa’s finest designers. “The event does have international models and designers. The show was a true appreciation of exotic fashion culture, and I’m proud that they appreciated my collection as a designer from The Gambia,” he added.

by Alpha M Kamara