Faraba-Pacharr Rice Fields Access Road Rehabilitated

Faraba-Pacharr Rice Fields Access Road Rehabilitated




The three-kilometre access road linking Fulladou Faraba and surrounding villages to the Vision 2016 rice fields in Pacharr has undergone rehabilitation with old culverts replaced by new ones at strategic water crossing points along the road.

The rehabilitation work now helps to ease the movement and quick access of people and vehicles to and from the rice fields.

Not only Faraba, but even satellite villages such as Tabanani, Konko Fula and Nema use the same route to the rice fields and had encountered some difficulties recently using the road.

The road, according to Lamin Fatty, a farmer, was bad and not motorable due to the damage at some point. “We are elated by the timely intervention because many farmers use this road to access the rice fields. It was difficult to use this road because at certain points you would need to drop from your bicycle or donkey cart so as to manage passage,” he told the Daily Observer.

Ousman Colley, Regional Agricultural Director of CRR South said the road is very important to the farming communities, serving as a major access road to the rice fields.

Abdurahman Jobe, Head of Soil and Water Management Unit at the Department of Agriculture said access roads are very critical to farmers with a view to realising the rice self-sufficiency agenda. “We would like the farmers to inform the regional agricultural directorate of any problem they discovered along the road,” Jobe urged.

by Alieu Ceesay in Pacharr, CRR