Gambian Music in Perspective

Gambian Music in Perspective

Under the initiative of the Director General of The Gambia Radio and Television Services, coming up with a talk show on Gambian showbiz couldn’t have come at a better time.

Hosted by Bai Ibrahim Cham of Observer Light and directed by Baboucarr Seghore of GRTS. Airing the second edition on a live panel, the brains behind two of the most successful artistes were invited to elaborate on what happens behind the scenes. The invitees were ST’s manager Dembo Jobs, Sultan STs media coordinator and on the other hand we had GEE’s producer and his project manager Abdoulie Sediq.

Reports on ST’s salibo special show at Jokor Brikama was featured raising interesting commentaries from his fans nationwide. Such remarks were; hey guys let support St because he is a talented artiste, from Sireh in Sinchu.  ST’s Manager D-jobz mentioned that he named the show salibo special labeling it as a smaller version of the big mega Tobaski bash, salibo extreme.

His media coordinator, Sultan mentioned that there is no artiste that could make a name for himself without proper media exposure, that’s why media issues are always their top priority.

Regarding the recent feud between the two artistes, ST’s manager told the panel that let bygones be bygones and let both artistes join hands and work together in raising the Gambian flag.

Gee’s camp also did a job well done. His project manager Sadiq talked on how they managed to sell the comeback show within 20 days, by selling up to 1000 tickets prior to the event.

Gee’s controversial image was also discussed. According to Sadiq, Gee has been like that since school days, adding that being an outspoken person is always wrongly interpreted by people.

His producer, CEO of Wadnaw Production, Dougie Davies said team Gee was the first to graduate from the repeated Alliance Francais shows, adding that the venue can no longer hold a GEE concert.

Fans of both camps expressed their delight in the information being given out to them concerning their artistes, with over 300 text messages sent.

The top notch convo on Gambian music in perspective is currently the most talked about talk show in Gambian show biz.


by Bai Ibrahim Cham & Binta Jammeh