Gambians and Senegalese Are One People- Mayor Colley

Gambians and Senegalese Are One People- Mayor Colley



The Mayor of the Kanifing Municipality, Yankuba Colley, has stated that Gambians and Senegalese are one people who share everything in common and can’t be divided into two.

Mayor Kolley was speaking on Monday at the opening of a two-week international summer camp jointly organised by the Kanifing and Mbao, Senegal, municipalities.

The event brought together 100 Gambian and Senegalese children aged 17 and below with the aim to build relations between the two sister countries through the young people.

Mayor Colley acknowledged that they want to create a relationship that is real by putting the kids together and teach them to love each other and care for each other. He added that when that happens, they will not have any problem in future.

“We want to break the barrier of he is Gambian, he is a Senegalese because every Gambian has a relative in Senegal and every Senegalese has a relative in The Gambia. We all speak the same local languages so there is no difference between a Gambian and a Senegalese,” he affirmed.

“When my son went on a vacation to Senegal and got a friend by the name Modou Lamin Coly; that boy is presently in my house and today no one can separate him from my family. If you find that boy in my house, if they do not tell you who he is, you would not know; this is all about bringing people together and particularly the young ones.”

He advised the kids to be disciplined and make friends with each other during their stay in the camp. Mayor Colley further expressed gratitude to his Senegalese counterpart Mayor Abdoulie Puye of Mbao who he described as a man who loves peace and unity between the two sister countries.

Rama Kanyie, the Deputy Major of Mbao, thanked the management and staff of KM for their hospitality while describing Mayor Colley as a peace builder and a role model to her boss [Mayor Puye].

Saidou Njie, a Senegalese student expressed delight to be associated with the programme, describing Gambian students as friendly and lovely people.

Ndey Isatou Njie, a student of Nusrat Senior Secondary School, said this is an opportunity for the children to come together with their own brothers and sisters.

“We all are one as our Mayor said; we want to remove the barriers of he is a Gambian and he is a Senegalese,” the teenager added.

by Alhagie Babou Jallow