GRTS Development Caravan Makes Sensational Stop in Basse

GRTS Development Caravan Makes Sensational Stop in Basse



The GRTS 22nd July Development Caravan, a countrywide tour which was initiated to let the people tell their stories on various developmental aspects of the 22nd July Revelation, made a sensational stop in Basse.

The Caravan was welcomed in Basse with an ambiance of great entertainment by different cultural groups of the town. The sensational stop has made history as people of Basse and its surrounding massively turned out to show their level of patriotism and appreciation.

However, Basse has proven to the Caravan that their interest of receiving the team was huge. Excitement was recognised from the faces of the people at the entrance of the town; indeed, there was no stone left unturned. Being happy for the fact that Basse was not left out, the crowd kept shouting and singing by the Caravan up to the Governor’s Office.

Speaking at the URR Governor’s Office, Ebrima Baldeh of GRTS, the team leader of the tour, said he was overwhelmed by the sensational stop, adding that the excitement seen on the faces of Basse people was a clear manifestation of positively responding to their call.

According to him, GRTS being the people’s broadcaster, will always remember a historic moment of that magnitude. “We are so excited for the warm welcome indeed you have made the place so comfortable for us to work,” he said.

GRTS Fan’s Club in Basse also made its own crowd to receive its people. The association has shown what it takes and how it feels to be a fan.

by Modou Lamin Jammeh