It’s My Duty to Represent Gambia in The Best Way – Miss...

It’s My Duty to Represent Gambia in The Best Way – Miss Africa-Netherlands




The reigning Miss Africa-Netherlands, Miss Adama Jobe, has said that she has always been proud of her roots and home.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with the Daily Observer, the Gambian national who won the prestigious award in 2015 said: “I feel it is my duty to represent my beloved country in the best way that I can.  It took a lot of hard work, but where there is determination and dedication; there is always success.”

She added that it was a great honour to present her award to the Vice President of The Gambia. “It was an opportunity for me to meet an African icon, being one of the longest serving vice presidents in the world,” she said, adding that the meeting was an inspiration that adds value to her work.

“Gambians are very patriotic and whenever I have a competition or event, they stand by me; because of that I will never stop raising our flag higher.”

Read the full interview with Miss Adama Jobe on today’s edition of the Bantaba on Page 12.

by Omar Wally