J22@22: Gambian Musicians Extol President Jammeh

J22@22: Gambian Musicians Extol President Jammeh

Ahead of the 22nd edition of the July 22nd Revolution Anniversary, Gambian musicians have extolled the President for the numerous developments brought in by the Second Republic. The musicians shared their thoughts on developments that took place especially in the area of arts and culture.

sambou-suso-dSambou Susso said July the Revolution has brought about a lot of developments especially for musicians like her. “Before the advent of July 22nd, Revolution, I used to perform in the hotels, so if one does not come to the hotel the person would not know me,” she said.

Susso noted that the Revolution has brought about a television in the Gambia and through that Gambians were able to know her. “I benefited a lot from the Revolution, I therefore wish the president well and may we continue to celebrate many more years in peace and stability.”

JalibaJaliba Kuyateh of the Kumareh Band said: “I’m happy with the July 22nd Revolution because it has ushered in so many developments, this is why when it is celebrated am always happy to be connected with it. I hope everybody will join hands to make it a memorable celebration.

Jali Alagie Mbaye added that a lot of transformation has taken place with the advent of the Second Republic. “The developments were not on one side, it covers all sectors such as arts and culture.”

Mbaye said it was in the Second Republic that Gambian musicians had competition that took them back to the origin of Kora and during that competition some griots mastered Kora.

Mbaye said initially, Gambians cultivate rice only in the raining season but added it is an all-year round activity now.

Samba Bah, wished the President to witness many more July 22nd anniversaries in the coming years to come with good health and happiness. He further wished all Gambians well with the strength to celebrate the occasion in peace and prosperity.

Alhagie MankaAlhagie Manka of the State of Mic Studios congratulated the President and the nation on behalf of his company, State of Mic. Manka added that during the President’s time, Gambia has witnessed many developments in Agriculture, Education and infrastructure. “We’re praying for him and the First Family long life and good health,” he concluded.


The CEO of Nyimsi B Promotion (Youth in Action), Nyima Bojang, said: “We love him to death; he is our star light and star bright. We wish him long life, good health to stay so long here for us, he is our liberator, our hope. Gambian people lets continue to rally behind him, we know all patriotic and genuine citizens are all behind our Hero “demrek talbuyala tal la sandi si matagii mogen nga fei kooo Jilanka” we will celebrate a 100july 22 together inshallah…”

Bizzle, Gambino Aku Boy based in the UK and T Smallz Suso, all Gambian Artistes, have equally wished the President well and happiness, and the strength to celebrate many more July 22nd to come.

by Omar Wally & Hassan Jallow