Morocco Gives Security Assurance Ahead of COP22

Morocco Gives Security Assurance Ahead of COP22




The government of Morocco through its Secretary of Interior in charge of Security has given assurance of maximum security ahead of the United Nation’s Climate Change conference dubbed COP22 to be held in November in Marrakech, Morocco.

In a press conference at the Moroccan Ministry of Interior in Rabat, with the African journos who are currently invited by the Steering Committee of COP22 to cover preliminary events, Charki Draiss, said security is one of the priorities of the Moroccan government and that they are doing every effort to ensure security at its highest level.

“Morocco has a good reputation in terms of security,” he said. “And because of that we have organised and hosted bigger events at the global level. So security is going to be our priority.”

He noted that Morocco is credited in terms of security at the transnational borders because it dismantled about 36 terrorist plots since 2007, an effort, he said deserved credit. “Because of our cooperation with other countries, we act anytime we are needed.”

On the transnational aspect of security, Mr. Draiss affirmed that the country is intensifying cooperation with African countries and Europe by sharing intelligence information that could be vital to their cooperation. “We have taken all necessary measures in terms of security,” he said, but refused to give details as to all that has been put in place.

In terms of general coordination at the home front, he said there is absolute coordination ongoing among distinct ministries and departments with a view to ensuring successful hosting of COP22, which he said, is an honour vested on Morocco. “Giving Morocco to host COP22 is an indication that the international community trusts us,” he said.

Dilating on Africa’s stake on the event, he affirmed the COP22 as not just Morocco’s but the entire continent’s, indicating that African media coverage would be very vital to make the continent realise its

ambitions at the conference.

“The presence of the African media and its coverage of the event will be highly valued,” he said. “The COP22 will be an African COP22 and the presence of our African media would be so dynamic.”

When quizzed about what assurance they have to ensure that the media covers the COP22 in a more conducive environment, Mr. Draiss, was unequivocal, saying whatever journalist is invited would be accredited to cover the event. He assured that rivalry struggle would not be the order of the day as only those who are authorised would be allowed to do photographing and interviewing.

“All facilities would be available for the media and the Ministry of Communication would ensure that journalists work well in a conducive environment,” he said.


by Bekai Njie in Rabat, Morocco