Morocco King: COP22 Will Consider Crucial Plan Devoted to Technology

Morocco King: COP22 Will Consider Crucial Plan Devoted to Technology




The King of Morocco, His Majesty, Mohammed VI, has stated that COP22 would consider a crucial action plan devoted to technology, outlining three main components such as; dissemination of mature technology, emergence of transition technology, and support for innovation through research and development.

In his statement during the official opening of the Mediterranean Climate Conference (MedCOP) held in Tangier, Morocco, King Mohammed VI, gave assurance that his country would show solidarity with those who are most vulnerable or threatened by climate change.

“We urgently need to adopt sustainable development approaches and innovative technological strategies and make sure they are implemented rapidly,” he said.

The two-day international conference on climate created an opportunity to generate considerable momentum for flagship projects of MedCOP such as setting up of an expert group on global changes in the Mediterranean.

Held between COP21 and COP22, the conference equally creates another unique opportunity to coordinate stances on the implementation of the Paris Agreement, while making sure that the voice of the Mediterranean countries is institutionalised at a level within the center of climate negation.

The event is organised by the Region of Tangier-Tetouan-Al Hoceima, in collaboration with the Region of Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur in France.

It gathered more than 2,000 participants including private sector companies, civil society organisations, research and training centers, policymakers and elected officials from the Mediterranean Region.

Marked as the second edition of the conference, it effectively established the Mediterranean as a climate change hub and engaged stakeholders in a discussion on regional climate change issues in order to ensure coordination and momentum ahead of the United Nations Climate Change Conference to be hosted in Marrakech, in November.

One of the ambitions of the MedCOP is to prepare a roadmap of regional actions to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to climate change, by bringing together coalitions of stakeholders.

“In a few weeks’ time, the Kingdom will host COP22 in Marrakech; we want this Conference of Parties to be action-oriented,” he said. “As the first COP to be convened after the Paris Agreement, COP22 will be a litmus test for climate diplomacy.”

The Moroccan King acknowledged that the contributions of the countries party to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) have not been sufficient to enable the world achieve its goal, as he called for urgent climate action.

Outlining priorities ahead of COP22, King Mohammed VI indicated that the Moroccan Presidency of COP22 tends to focus on four areas: the actual implementation of national contributions; the mobilisation of funds; the strengthening of adaptation measures, and technological development.

by Bekai Njie, Just Back From Morocco