Musa Jammeh: A Multi-talented Young Gambian in UK



    In this edition of Diaspora, we feature Musa Jammeh, a Gambian based in the United Kingdom who has been instrumental in the drafting and subsequent adoption by the National Assembly, of the National Youth Council Act.

    The Daily Observer recently conducted an interview with the multi-talented Musa Jammeh and here is an excerpt.

    Background: My Name is Musa Jammeh born in Bakau, Alkali Kunda, in the Cape Saint Mary of The Gambia. I am married to Nyimasata Marong-Jammeh and have a son with her who is recently based in The Gambia.

    I attended Bakau Community Centre, then Bakau Primary School and due to the over population of the school, we were moved to New Town Primary School. I passed my Common Entrance examinations and proceeded to Muslim High School.

    While I was in The Gambia, I was among the people, together with your current Managing Director, who championed the re-establishment of the National Youth Council. I was the representative of the KMC, and contributed to the drafting of the policy and adopting of the National Youth Policy enacted by the parliament.

    I served as the adviser to the National Youth Council. I was the Secretary General of Steve Biko Football Club, for more than five years, and the Resource Development Officer of the Bakau Youth Sports and Developments Association and I worked for the development of Bakau, West and East football grounds. The promise [to develop the aforementioned stadia] was made to me at the time by The President, when he first came to Bakau on tour of the community.

    MUSA JAMMEH 2I was also the Secretary General of the popular Baku Youth Association of Children Welfare, Resource Development Officer of the National Association on Youth and Children Welfare (NAYCO); Secretary General of the popular Bakau Youth Association for Children’s Welfare (BYCAW) and the first Youth Advocate for Gamcotrap.

    United Kingdom: I moved to the United Kingdom in 2000 for further studies because there is little recognition without certificate in Gambia for a prosperous job opportunity. My brother and sister financed my travel to the UK to pursue those dreams.

    At the community level, I am a translator in Wollof and Mandinka at Hospitals and Courts, Tenant Member and Chairman of the Repairs and Maintenance of the Mosscare Housing Association, a local housing association that provides over 4000 houses, clinical assessor for the National Health Services (NHS Manchester), Social Secretary for Gambia Support Network (Manchester), Project Coordinator for the Bakau Community Project For Bakau School.

    I work as Teaching Assistant helping children with special needs, but I am moving to a new adventure, working with adults with emotional, challenging and learning behaviours in residential home. I have worked with Ranstad Education.

    I command great respect in the community of Manchester due to my connection with everyone in the community of Manchester.

    Achievements: While in the UK, I obtained the following qualifications and positions in our community: Foundation Degree in Youth and Community Studies from the Bolton University; Bsc Honours in Youth and Community Studies from the Manchester Metropolitan University; ILM LEVEL 4 Leadership and Management Course; Customer Service Level 2; Diploma in Sports Management, and Level 2 in Community Housing Management.

    Future: I will support and assist anyone who needs my help, support in any issues affecting their lives, good or bad. I will always make myself available to support.

    My future career plan is to try and build an institution to support children with learning difficulties and also to get involved in shaping the future of the country to help develop it, and to be  part of our political structure.

    Final words: I will surely come to The Gambia to continue contributing my quota to the development of our country. All the best to the Observer management, especially your Managing Director, someone I’ve worked with for quite sometime and I cannot overestimate his intelligence and love for the country over the years when we were working for the empowerment of the young people of the country. Thank you