NaLOA Urges Youths to Participate in Livestock Production

NaLOA Urges Youths to Participate in Livestock Production



The National Livestock Owners’ Association has challenged youths in the country to participate more in livestock production.

The Association made this call recently during a series of meetings it had with local authorities and livestock owners in the Central River Region. The meetings provided a platform for them to discuss means of  improving livestock production, and stabilising price of rams ahead of the  Eid-ul Adha (Tobaski) feast.

The meeting was attended by both local authorities and livestock owners across the region.

At the events, the President of the National Livestock Owners’ Association, Ebrima Jallow stated that livestock production is part of agriculture and that the move will go a long way towards ensuring the attainment of V- 2016 food self-sufficiency agenda.

He pointed out that enhancing food security in the country would require concerted efforts by all, and went on to call on both members and local authorities in the area to redouble their efforts in livestock production.

The aim of the Association, he went on, is to improve livestock production in the country. “The Association is working hand-in-hand with Gambia Livestock Management Agency (GLMA) in order to meet the demand of livestock during our local feasts,” he stated.

The NaLOA boss underscored the importance of the livestock industry in the socio-economic development of any country.

He thus advised Alkalolu in the region to use the GLMA movement permit to facilitate easy movement of people and their animals and also help the security officers in their work.

The National Assembly member for Upper Fulladu West, Hon Amadou Njie applauded both GLMA and members of the Association for their efforts towards improving livestock production in the country.

Like previous speakers, Hon. Njie underscored the significance of livestock production in the socio-economic development of any country, noting that since the establishment of the association, it has drastically reduced cattle rustling in the area.

Livestock improvement, he went on, is placed very high on President Jammeh’s development agenda and that the Department of Livestock Services is doing everything possible to prevent diseases by conducting routine vaccination.

The Chief of Upper Fulladu West, Alh. Momodou Touray and Regional President of Livestock Owners’ Association, Alh. Mansa Mballow, both affirmed their full participation in the forthcoming Tabaski ram show.

They applauded GLMA and NaLOA for their efforts in promoting livestock production and went on to advise livestock owners to control their animals in order to avoid crop destruction.


by Lamin SM Jawo