NBR Education Director Urges Schools to Support Feeding Programme

NBR Education Director Urges Schools to Support Feeding Programme




The acting Education Director for Region 3 has underscored the need for communities and schools in the region to establish school farms to supplement the homegrown school feeding programme.

Paul K Mendy was speaking recently at Jokadu Tambana in the North Bank Region, during the ploughing of 3-hectare rice farm by the community of Tambana and the school management, as part of the homegrown school feeding programme.

The participation of the community, he affirmed, clearly demonstrates their commitment  to complement World Food Programme’s School Feeding Programme.

“Community participation to spearhead the attainment of homegrown school feeding programme is in conformity with the Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education and World Food Programme’s vision of promoting the concept of complementing school feeding programme,” he said.

He acknowledged that the establishment of rice farms for 2016/17 farming season for the schools, signals the community’s willingness to take over school feeding on the long run.

Mendy thanked the community and the mother clubs of Tambana and St. George School of Tambana for their foresight and called on other communities and schools to emulate them.

Emphasising the relevance of the feeding programme, the acting Regional Education Director   revealed that there was food supply for the third term of 2016 academic year.

He also commended the leadership of Njawara Agricultural Training Centre for providing 50 kilos of climate resilience rice variety to enhance food production and productivity.

He, however, called on schools and local authorities to help popularise the concept and assist schools with needed resources.


by Alhagie Babou Jallow