New Country Brand Set for Launch

New Country Brand Set for Launch



At the conclusion of their assignment, the committee set up by Government of The Gambia to develop a strong country master brand that will promote investment, commerce and tourism in the country are set to launch the brand on 29th July 2016 at Kairaba Beach Hotel.

TOURIST 1The Birth of a New Country Brand 

In these days of age, the need for a unified country brand cannot be overemphasised, which is one of the main reasons the Government of The Gambia has set up a committee to spearhead the development of a strong country master brand that will promote investment, commerce and tourism. This committee culminated in the formation of the Brand Council, which comprised experts from both Government and private sector, whose task is to build a new country master brand that will serve as a Unique Selling Point for Destination Gambia.

In making it a reality and fruitful venture, Africa Practice – an international consulting firm in partnership with Generation Alliance, a well-acclaimed branding firm was contracted through funding from The Gambia Growth and Competitiveness Project (GGCP) to develop a country Master Brand for The Gambia. After months of extensive work with the Brand Council and some other stakeholders, a new brand was developed for the country and ready to be launched.

This is with the belief that The Gambia is the preferred destination in West Africa for new investment and diverse tourism opportunities, as its Mission is ‘to stimulate sustainable growth in The Gambia towards middle income economic status.’

One essential thing to know about The Gambia is its position. The country is the preferred destination for investors looking for high-growth opportunities in West Africa and for tourists interested in accessible, friendly African experiences. In this connection, the country is also looking forward to share its untapped potential with any investor.


Why the Brand?

The overall objective of the new country brand is to avail the country the opportunity to attract high level investments into the country, boost tourism as well as enhance trade and commerce.  To achieve this, the Brand would help The Gambia to become a ‘middle-income economy,’ attract sustainable investment into targeted opportunities; increase the volume and value of tourism on yearly basic; unite all stakeholders around a single compelling proposition.

It is also designed to build international awareness and recognition of The Gambia as a regional hub and global leader in inclusive development as well as create pride in the community to work together for a better future.


The Target Audience

In order to realise the objectives, this new country brand is targeting investments from the local investors; tourism investors, operators, and visitors; like-minded international private sector investors; The Gambian in the Diaspora; infrastructure developers/investors; international donors and aid agencies; public-private partnerships and social entrepreneurs.


Brand Personality

Above all, the personality of the new country Brand is how the country wants to be seen by others as a country and what the country has to offer. This is very important because the personality of a Brand helps to maintain and enforce brand identity, which is crucial for the success of the brand.

Therefore, the new country master brand personality is characterised by five elements which are as follows: tolerant, bold, youthful, smart and friendly.

In detail, the Gambia’s culture reflects many influences and welcomes different ways of life thereby creating new opportunities and ambitious in pursuing a better future.

Destination Gambia is proudly youthful in its outlook, thinking differently to connect to the best thinking and better ways of doing things as it presents a fresh, energetic image that promotes innovative thinking in its political, economic and social development. The country and its people learn from each other in their bid to become a leading voice in global affairs. Above all, Destination Gambia is friendly and welcoming. Gambians want people to experience the ‘Smiling Face’ of The Gambia in all what they do.

Destination Gambia aspires to be a leading global voice in social development, welcoming different cultures and ideas to share in The Gambian opportunity. The country’s strength is its independence and the country’s future lies on the good mutual cooperation with its neighbors and global partners.

As far as rebranding the country is concerned, the objective of the rebranding exercise is to promote investment, and trade in priority sectors of the economy with a view to encourage all target potential investors to take advantage of the numerous opportunities available in the country.

Further to this over-riding goal, there are other benefits such as to reposition The Gambia as a preferred investment haven for all potential investors the world over; to spur sustainable economic growth that is anchored on continued employment creation, wealth generation and poverty reduction.

In addition, is also meant to align all branding efforts towards a common objective of making The Gambia the preferred destination of choice for commerce and tourism. The beautiful scenery of The Gambia in pictures and other imagery shows the diversity of its flora and fauna, eco-tourism and rich cultural heritage.

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by Yunus Saliu