On the First Lady’s Support to Children: Tremendous

On the First Lady’s Support to Children: Tremendous


The First Lady, Madam Zineb Jammeh, is a true champion of children’s welfare: because of her unstinting support to the welfare of children across the country, five children have successfully undergone  medical treatment in Israel, and are back alive, well and excited towards a brighter future. That the First Lady has invested immense energy, time, efforts and resources to the cause of children in our country is as inspiring as it is breathtaking: from cradle to the formative stages of children, she helps towards their upbringing through her yearly donation to children born on New Year’s eve, supports the education of many and stands up for their health through her Operation Save the Children Foundation.

This is a towering contribution to public welfare, from a caring wife and a dedicated, committed mother of two who has served, and continues to serve, as a lifeline of support to many children who are from hard-pressed working families in our country. When public figures use their positions to leverage help, opportunities and hope for people, they should be celebrated and thanked. To the First Lady and her team, we say thank you  for being a conveyor belt of support to children in the country.

The treatment of the five children demonstrates the positive outcome that a strong partnership can bring. Operation Save the Children Foundation partnered with Save A Children Hospital (SACH) in Israel. The congenial heart disease that they were grappling is now successfully cured, reuniting with their parents in an emotional event. That is understandable. When lives of loved ones once hover between death and life, the recuperation and stupendous recovery from ill-health should soften our hearts for joy. That is why the Executive Director of SACH, Simon Fisher, deserves commendation with his team, too.  Because of their professionalism, round-the-clock caring for the children and Fisher’s coming with the children to the country personally – which speaks volumes about his devotion, empathy, sympathy and support  –  the children can now breathe a sigh of relief.

Needless to say, Israel has one of the best and brightest medical professionals. And medical bills of five children can be daunting. To echo the line of exited family members to the donors, we are saying ‘thank you’, ‘ jarama’ and ‘abaraka’ for being a rock of support to children who would be responsible people to better their lives, their societies, our country and the world by extension.  As we hope and pray that the second batch of the two remaining children will recover speedily and toast with their families, we thank the First Lady for being a generous supporter of our children. As a country, we are better off with people like her!