On the July 22nd Development Caravan

On the July 22nd Development Caravan


As the Gambia marks 22 years of unprecedented development, the people are speaking and their message is loud and clear: they have seen and they believe that this revolution has brought them so far in their journey of national development and they are grateful.

From the young girl in Kiang who spoke about her appreciation of President Jammeh’s ban on early child and forced marriages to the testimonies of old and young people about the tremendous impact of the development projects rolled out in the URR, Gambian people are expressing their appreciation of the development projects delivered during the past 22 years.

A Gambian Doctor trained at the University of The Gambia Medical School, is now working at a hospital in Sabi, providing medical services for the benefit of not only local residents but also citizens from neighbouring Senegal. What a story in a country that was bereft of adequate high schools from colonialism to the First Republic that ended in 1994!

As our reporters travel on board the State Broadcaster’s Caravan, we are overwhelmed with the heart-felt testimonies of grateful Gambians who have benefitted tremendously and continue to relish the positive impact of the July 22nd Revolution. From the stories being told by witnesses, we can tell that the majority of Gambians are in full support of the current Government and will continue lending their support to the positive development agenda of this progressive government.

As the 22nd anniversary approaches, we salute the President and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of this great country, and wish him and his family, and indeed the entire country, a blessed and blissful July 22nd Anniversary Celebrations.