Our Vote Belongs to Jammeh Sinchu Alagie Electorate

Our Vote Belongs to Jammeh Sinchu Alagie Electorate



Another dramatic moment has unfolded at the APRC Sinchu Alagie rally, where scores of youths numbering 42 from the opposition National Reconciliation Party (NRP) defected to the ruling Alliance for Patriotic Re-orientation and Construction(APRC) party. The defectors assured President Jammeh of a landslide victory in tomorrow’s polls.

Addressing the Sinchu rally, the President, founder and party chairman of the APRC commended the people of Sinchu Alagie and West Coast region in general for their continues show of love and appreciation for his government. He pledged to transform the area to an envy of all. He equally called on them to remain loyal and steadfast for more development is coming.

President Jammeh again used the Sinchu Alagie meeting to denounce tribalism and went further to warn against politics of violence. This, he said will not be accepted by any person irrespective of your political affiliation.

Speaking earlier at the Sinchu Alhagie meeting, Alkalo Alhaji Salifu Ceesay was full of praises for President Jammeh and his government for transforming the lives and livelihood of the people of Sinchu Alhagie and surroundings.

He said Sinchu was in darkness but was brought to light by the Jammeh government. “We know no party but APRC and we will rally behind the action-oriented leader.”

Describing President Jammeh as a true pan-Africanist who represents the true identity of Africa, Alkalo Ceesay urged his people to put aside tribalism and vote for the progressive party and the President.

Musa Njie the constituency youth mobiliser thanked the youth of his constituency for their massive turn out. He said such gathering is an attestation to the unwavering love they [young people] have for President Jammeh. He assured him of 93% vote in the election.

Speaker after speaker all spoke of the need to vote for the APRC. They expressed confidence that victory is already assured and it is just a matter of going to the polling stations and vote.

by Musa Ndow & Alieu Ceesay