Petroleum House Beginning of a New Era in Development

Petroleum House Beginning of a New Era in Development




President Jammeh has promised Gambians more development projects in the coming years. He said the Petroleum House, which was commissioned on Monday is just the beginning of a new era for his development programmes.

P JAMMEH 1His Excellency Sheikh Professor Alhaji Dr Yahya AJJ Jammeh Babili Mansa made this pledge in Brusubi while presiding over the inauguration of the iconic building, the tallest in The Gambia, built to house The Gambia National Petroleum Corporation and its line Ministry.

“It has taken us 22 years to reach here, but it will take us less than 20 years to be an economic superpower. It will not take us up to 2025 for us to be an economic superpower. With the little we have we are able to bring this country to this level. Big things come from small things, this is what we have for now to show but three years from now you will not be looking at this building, you will be looking at something different,” he said.

“A small country with a big heart, big things come from small things, we are small and powerful, we are a source of pride and inspiration to humanity because this is the only country where you walk around irrespective of where you come from, nobody will question you and nobody will confront you because you look strange. We welcome you with our smiles and our smiles come from our hearts. This is what the Almighty Allah has enjoined all Muslims. The Gambia’s smiling coast is truly a divine smiling coast where every smile is genuine, thank you the Gambian people, I am proud of you, I live for you and I will die for you. All these wouldn’t have been possible without you having faith and following what I told you that we put our destiny in the hands of the Almighty Allah and we can see miracles.”


by Musa Ndow