Poetic X Set for an EP

Poetic X Set for an EP



Hip-hop group, Poetic X, is set to release an EP anytime soon, as a teaser for their upcoming new album, which is set for launching early next year, 2017.

The Hip-hop group recently released a new music video, dubbed “Abu Mahoud”. At a time when many acts weren’t quite clear on continuing the real tradition of Hip-hop in The Gambia, Poetic X Tremez, a three-man army ‘emcees’ went against all to prove to the world that Hip-hop can be a tool to bring about change in the communities and serve as job creation avenue for the youthful population.

They organised a charity concert for Elementary Schools and all proceeds were given to the schools.

Their songs mainly center on burning issues affecting the people, especially the youths among others. They are one of the most respected ‘emcees’ and have earned their stripes in the Hip-hop community as well as gained the confidence of the music lovers.

In early 2005, they dropped a promotional song called ‘Wulajanjara’ featuring Afro Manding sensation Sambou Susso. The video gave a vivid story about forced and arranged marriages that exist among tribes who don’t allow their children to marry people from other tribes.

Their hit song ‘Wulajanjara’ gained tons of air-play on the local TV and radio stations in The Gambia and Senegal. From then onwards they continued to drop public demand songs.

In 2008, they came back to feed the public’s addiction of good hip-hop music and also took part in the first Senegambian hip-hop compilation, DK/BLJ produced by Artistik. Its promotional single ‘Buga Dem’ (about illegal migration) done by Poetic X featuring Sir X, Big Ams and Flex Man.

After the DK/BJL compilation, Poetic X signed a deal with Artistik Music to co-produce their debut album entitled ‘Yon Beh Gudone’.

by Hassan Jallow