Popcaan Releases ‘World Cup’ Song

Popcaan Releases ‘World Cup’ Song



Dancehall artiste Popcaan, recently recorded a song titled ‘World Cup (We Still a Win)” for Notnice Records.

The song features catchy lyrics and the artiste’s infectious slangs that are seemingly aimed at persons who don’t want to see him be successful.

“Mi nuh know bout league, cah we name world cup … and nuff a dem nuh like how we hotta dan thermos.”

“A we still a win, woiie … unruly ting, dem fi know say a worldwide ting”

He also claims the title of being the, “real ghetto idol.”

The comments under the YouTube video suggests that the song is welcomed by the masses, however, one comment may have hinted that the song is an alleged ‘diss’ song to fellow Dancehall artiste Mavado aka Gully Gad.

Source Jamrockone.com