‘President Jammeh Qur’an Competition Heralds New Era for Africa’

‘President Jammeh Qur’an Competition Heralds New Era for Africa’



Dr. Halit Eren, the Director General of the Research Centre for Islamic History, Arts and Culture, has remarked that the President Yahya Jammeh International Award for Qu’ran Memoisation Competition heralds a new era for Africa. Dr. Eren made this remark in a congratulatory letter sent to the President His Excellency Sheikh Professor Alhaji Dr. Yahya AJJ Jammeh, Babili Mansa. Below is the full text of the release:

It gives me pleasure and honour to send Your Excellency this message after my return home from your hospitable country following the successful realization of the “President Yahya Jammeh International Award for Quran Memorisation Competition” which was initiated by Your Excellency. We are proud of taking part in the organization of this event.

I assure Your Excellency that winning of The Gambia the first award in this competition is an admirable matter. I must say here that the Jury members did not take this decision merely because the competition has been organized in The Gambia. But, the Jury made a meticulous, careful and fare selection by choosing Hafiz Mr. Ousman Jallow as the first winner. On this occasion, I sincerely congratulate the Islamic Republic of The Gambia.

I am proud to inform Your Excellency that your generous behavior during the Award ceremony held in Banjul on 27th July had added to the happiness of the Jury members and the participants at the competition.

Unlike other competitions, Your Excellency’s bountiful act had given this competition a different aspect. In the names of all participants, I am pleased to express my sincere thanks to Your Excellency and pray Allah Almighty that The Gambia would further flourish, be wealthier and prosper under your wise leadership.

I would like to congratulate Your Excellency and the Islamic Republic of The Gambia for this great achievement. I believe this competition will be the beginning of a new era in Africa. The message of Holy Quran will, Inshallah, spread all over Africa.

I take this opportunity to give Your Excellency the happy news that IRCICA has already started its preparations for the organization of the “President Yahya Jammeh International Award for Quran Memorization Competition for Ladies” which will be held in Banjul in January 2017 along with our International Congress on Islamic Civilization in West Africa which we will be organized in Banjul in January 2017.

With the assurances of my kindest consideration.

Dr. Halit Eren

Director General