Smallholder Farmers Trained on CRSA in CRR

Smallholder Farmers Trained on CRSA in CRR




ActionAid Kudang office recently trained smallholder farmers on Climate Resilient Sustainable Agriculture (CRSA) in Jareng village, in Niamina East district, CRR South. The CRSA is an initiative that Action Aid has been developing based on the concepts and practices of sustainable agriculture.

Addressing participants, the Programme Specialist Alh. Momodou Wuri Jallow stated that farmers have been struggling with climate change variability for centuries. He said they have now developed diverse adaptation strategies and coping mechanisms and have incorporated them into their day-to-day work.

Action Aid, he said, is proposing CRSA as a tool to enhance food security and increase the preparedness of women and men smallholder farmers to face the impacts of climate change.

“CRSA is based on the identification of major risks that the local communities face, and or are likely to face in the near future; design and implement specific site adaptation strategies aimed at reducing vulnerabilities, enhance food security, and increasing the resistance and resilience of the smallholder production system,” he said.

The acting Programme Manager, ActionAid Kudang office, Foday Kanyi said the starting point of their proposal is to design local alternatives to cope with climate change and the knowledge and practices of the community themselves.

Most agricultural practices, he went on, are site specific and they depend on environmental, social, cultural and economic conditions of the place where they originate.

He posited that there is not a single response or solution to the complex challenges posed by climate change. “We believe, however, that exploring local alternatives is a good place to start. They contain key insights that combined with the scientific knowledge and modern technology that can help us design and implement food production systems that are more adapted to the present and future needs,” he concluded.

by Lamin SM Jawo