State Counsels Extol President Jammeh

State Counsels Extol President Jammeh

As the country continues to celebrate the July 22nd Revolution, State Councils have extolled the President for the development of the country in the last 22 years.

Below are excerpts:

Sheriff K Jobe State Counsel at the Attorney General’s Chambers at the Ministry of Justice: I graduated from the University of the Gambia thanks to the Government of President Jammeh. As a Gambian trained barrister, I must confess the revolution came at the right time when Gambians really needed it. UTG is the biggest achievement registered by the revolution, because without the UTG, I would not be where I am today. Perhaps, I would have been thinking of getting money for further studies abroad. The revolution also brought with it quality infrastructure, telecommunication networks among other development needs of Gambians. I would like to thank the Government of the day for creating the enabling environment for everyone, for without the environment I would not even thought of going to the UTG or the Law School, but thanks to the revolution, I did all my studies in the country from LLB to BL without going outside as it used to be case the case.

Ms Assiatou Sambou; State Counsel at the Ministry of Justice, Attorney General Chambers said; I am proud to say that I am one of the beneficiaries of President Jammeh’s benevolent sponsorship. I studied at the Faculty of Law under the UTG, where I graduated with LLB and got enrolled at the Gambia Law School for one year vocational and skills training as barrister and solicitor. I am privileged and honoured to call myself barrister and solicitor of the Supreme Court of the Gambia, thanks to the dynamic leadership of H.E President Jammeh Babili Mansa of the Islamic Republic of the Gambia. I said so because university education used to be a far fetch dream for many Gambians but thanks to his dynamic and visionary leadership, UTG is not only established, but students also continue to be awarded scholarships at both local and international level.

By Lama S. Jallow