State-of-The-Art Complex for Jammeh Foundation Hospital

State-of-The-Art Complex for Jammeh Foundation Hospital



A multi-million dalasi housing complex was yesterday inaugurated at the Jammeh Foundation for Peace Hospital as part of activities celebrating 22 years of the July 22nd Revolution.

The Kanifing Municipality and Jammeh Foundation jointly funded the project at the tune of D30, 460.606.00 (Thirty million four hundred and sixty thousand six hundred and six dalasi). It was inaugurated by the Secretary General and Head of the Civil Service on behalf of the President.

STATE OF THE ART 1The Mayor of the Kanifing Municipality, Yankuba Colley, said his Municipality has taken great consideration on the urgent needs of the people by partnering with Jammeh Foundation for Peace Hospital in the construction of the magnificent extension blocks which was commissioned.

“From the quota given to us by government, my council decided to contribute D18 million for the construction of this magnificent building and during the course of the construction the contract was revised to the tune of D30, 460.606.00 (thirty million four hundred and sixty thousand six hundred and six dalasis) and a counterpart contribution to the tune of D1.5M was paid by Jammeh foundation for peace hospital,” he said.

Mayor Colley in whose municipality, JFPH is located said the JFP Hospital is a catchment area for the municipality and it benefits the people within the municipality and beyond.

“It is common knowledge that the APRC Government under the able, and dynamic leadership of your Excellency the President of the Islamic Republic of the Gambia Sheikh Professor Alhaji Dr. Yahya A.J.J Jammeh Babili Mansa has invested significantly in the health sector.  It is during the tenure of his government that true and meaningful access to health care service delivery was established in the Gambia,” he said.

He further asserted the Kanifing Municipal Council under his leadership will remain thankful to President Jammeh and his government for all the support throughout the years.

“KMC will remain committed to provide services to the people of this Municipality. I am very much satisfied with the quality of work delivered by the contractor through Gamworks agency and wish to seize this opportunity to thank the Director General and through him the Project Manager, and Consultant supervisors for a job well done.  I also wish to thank the community for their co-operation during the construction period.

We hope that the people of the Municipality will appreciate this magnificent development which is intended to improve the health care delivery services of the communities that benefit from the hospital,” he concluded.

More on this event will come in our next edition.

by Musa Ndow