Ebrima Jahateh, who goes by his stage name Streetboy Milli aka 100% Brix Boy, is believed to be one of the best upraising musicians in The Gambia.

Talents3The youngster is making waves in Brikama and beyond, and his resolve of becoming a superstar is showing signs of success in his career. Apart from music, Milli is as well a veteran barber, who runs a saloon in Brikama.

He has the inspiration to do music and started researching way back as a child but got into the studio in 2013 to record his first song. Some of his songs include Brixton, Send me your love, Run d place, Let them say, Hatter than them, Super Man and many more. 100% Brix Boy is cooking and will drop his debut mixtape by the 11th of November, 2016 at Brikama Jokor.

In an interview with Observer Light, the 26-year-old artiste described his music as a food for thought, saying his interest is to produce more positive and quality vibes to continue giving the audience the reason to listen.

“I believe in quality, creativity and positivity. Considering the fact that my music has gone beyond just entertainment, I always try to focus my lyrics on issues that can preach and teach the public,” he said.

According to the dancehall icon, Brikama is the musical city of The Gambia for the fact it has produced many great musicians. “Jaliba Kuyateh, Tata Dinding Jobarteh, Jali Foday Suso, Jali Kebba, Pa Bobo Jobarteh, ST Brikama Boyo, Benjahmin and many others are all musical icons of Brikama that are currently making name in The Gambia and beyond,” he said.

He also expressed appreciation towards the natives of Brikama for the continuous and transformative support they have been rendering to their artistes.

The Muslim Senior Secondary School graduate said Gambian music is rapidly developing with a high speed of progress. “Many of my fellow artistes are implementing projects, which is actually taking our industry from one level to another. Despite that, a lot needs to be done. We have to stop the fight, close ranks, work collectively as a family to attain our ultimate goals,” he added.

Milli thanked his management and fan base for the relentless support, giving assurances that he will continue to make them proud.