The GRTS Kutex Cover: Invention of Gambian Girls

The GRTS Kutex Cover: Invention of Gambian Girls



As the saying goes, creativity is the key to success. Walking up The Gambia Radio and Television Services (GRTS) building, as I thought I might pass by Teneng Gitteh’s office and have a little chit-chat, before seeing one of the busiest men there, Baboucarr Senghore.

The GRTS Kutex Cover1To my surprise, I saw three young women playing or rather painting the back cover of a mobile phone. With almost three lined up for the job, these creative ladies were using nail polish, commonly referred to as “kutex” of different colours to paint the back cover of their mobile phones.

The painting wasn’t a design, it looked like different colours of paint just splashed on a wall, but it was beautiful, innovative and something never seen before.

After a 30-minute conversation with them, I headed to the newsroom; upon opening the door, I bumped into news presenter Winifred Nicol and she had the same painting on her back cover too. A few other ladies like Isatou Keita also had the new trend.

The GRTS Kutex Cover2All I want to say is kudos to these kids, some of whom are currently on internship with the state broadcaster; they are real geniuses.


by Bai Ibrahim Cham