Turkish Embassy Gives Update on Foiled Coup

Turkish Embassy Gives Update on Foiled Coup



The Turkish Embassy in The Gambia has issued a press release explaining the situation in Ankara following Friday’s failed coup in that country.

Below is the full text of the release issued on Saturday July 16:

Yesterday in the evening, some unusual military activities, out of the chain of command started in several cities of Turkey, particularly in Istanbul and Ankara.

As a result of a quick evaluation, it was understood that these activities were coup attempt started by a small group of military personnel from various ranks which nested in the Turkish Armed Forces.

Turkey has unfortunately witnessed a betrayer group’s terrorism that bombed its own Assembly, own governmental institutions, shot its own citizens, stabbed in the back of its own brothers-in-arms and commanders.

Turkish Grand National Assembly, for the first time in Turkey’s history of democracy, was targeted by an attack of a treacherous gang which used military aircrafts and helicopters that were entrusted them by the people.

The coup attempt in which the Air Forces, Gendarmerie Command and some of armoured units were predominantly involved was rejected by the Turkish Armed Forces chain of command from the very beginning.

Both Turkish National Police and prosecutors blocked the coup attempt off by taking necessary actions immediately.

Turkish people, hand-in-hand with its State officials have demonstrated a historic example of solidarity and eventually prevented this coup attempt by taking to the streets and standing in front of the tanks of coup plotters.

The attempt of the plotters to seize the Turkish Radio and Television Broadcaster building at gun point and their propaganda efforts aimed at misleading and mis-manipulating the people by means of social media were disrupted very quickly.

Plotters have also tried to seize the centers of the private media outlets; however this attempt was also disrupted thanks to the fierce resistance of the civil society.

In this period, Turkish media has definitely set a great example of protecting democracy.

From the outset, all Turkish political parties have backed the democratically elected government, political will of the Turkish nation and the Grand National Assembly of Turkey where it is represented.

The Grand National Assembly of Turkey held an extraordinary meeting on 16 July 2016 and a joint declaration, condemning the said coup attempt, issued by the all political parties on behalf of the Assembly.

Nearly 3,000 plotters have been arrested and 100 of the plotters have been captured dead during the operations against the said coup attempt.

On the other hand, 161 people including officials and civilians have fallen martyr during the coup attempt and 1400 were wounded.

Our President, Prime Minister, Turkish Government, Members of the Parliament, have prevented this coup attempt in solidarity with the help of the Turkish Armed Forces.

As of today, the daily life in Turkey has returned to normal. It is very obvious that this coup attempt has been carried out by the Fethullah Terrorist Organisation (FTO), Parallel State Structure whose top leader still resides in a foreign country.

Hereafter, the necessary action will naturally be taken in order to penalise at Turkish courts all members of this gang attempted to coup.

On this occasion, we would like to express our gratitude to H.E. Yahya A.J.J. Jammeh Babili Mansa, President of the Islamic Republic of the Gambia as well as to the friendly and brotherly Gambian people for their timely and sincere statement of support and solidarity against this gross terror act.