UTG in FOCUS as The Country Revels in J-22 @ 22

UTG in FOCUS as The Country Revels in J-22 @ 22



Initially seen by some skeptics as a vanity project, the University of The Gambia now stands tall among the many life changing developments  conceived and hatched by the architect of the July 22nd Revolution His Excellency Sheikh Professor Alhaji Dr. Yahya AJJ Jammeh, Babili Mansa who is also the Chancellor of the UTG.

The University of The Gambia has become a citadel of knowledge.

Since its inception, the University of The Gambia continues to grow both in stature and influence. Thousands of Gambians and non-Gambians alike have found the UTG as the ideal answer to their higher education aspirations.

Gone are the days when our people struggled a lot, travelling to other countries in the sub-region or other countries around the world in pursuance of their undergraduate or post graduate programmes years after leaving high school. Evidently, the university continues to be a conveyor belt when it comes to knowledge production and application as it admits and subsequently graduates thousands of people, most of them young people in different fields.

The development of any nation hinges largely on the state of her education system. As such, the establishment of a university or the lack of it would naturally determine the progress of any society.

Ours today remains a shining light, providing hope as the platform for young Gambians to study here at home.

Today, the sight of home grown doctors and legal practitioners from the School of Medicine and Allied Health Sciences and the Faculty of Law respectively, is indeed gratifying and fulfilling. It is the case in other fields. Areas like computer science, nursing, development studies, economics and management augur well for a country that is on the cusp of greatness; one that has set its eyes on becoming an economic superpower.

With the increasing importance of technology and science in today’s world, the UTG would not be left behind. The sciences have since been given the sort of recognition and prominence that only engenders social and economic growth. Added to the developments shaping up at the UTG are the many scholarship packages that are being awarded to Gambians to enable them undergo further education at different levels.

As it stands, The University of The Gambia remains a flagship achievement in the success stories of the July 22nd Revolution.

Products of the UTG are playing a crucial role in virtually every sector of this country whilst others are doing the country proud in other parts of the world.