Voices from the 22nd July Celebration

Voices from the 22nd July Celebration



Thousands of Gambians and non-Gambians from all walks of life on Friday converged in Banjul to celebrate the 22nd anniversary of the glorious July 22nd Revolution on Friday. The Daily Observer spoke to several Gambians who travelled from far and near to witness the celebration in the capital. Here is an excerpt.

VOX POP 1Sarjo Sanneh, a youth

I thank God for witnessing another anniversary of a Revolution that has brought in so many developments. I am proud to be part of the celebration. I urge Gambians to join hands and work for the development of the country and rally behind the President.


Cherno Saidy, Upper Niumi

The Revolution has registered so many unprecedented developments everywhere in the country. From health, education and roads, the President has done his best and  Gambians should support the Revolution.


Landing Konteh, Kombo North

The life-changing developments are visible to every Gambian and every Gambian should be proud of this anniversary. It is not easy to get a leader like President Jammeh. I pray he continues to lead the affairs of the country. We can only reward him by praying for him and voting for him massively in the December election.


Mam Jarra Manga, Latrikunda German

The most important developments are in the health and education sectors. All my kids are going to school today thanks to the Revolution. President Jammeh has really empowered the women and I pray for his long life and good health. Anyone who says he has not developed the country is a joker.


Amie Touray, Ballangar

Since the advent of the Revolution, Gambians have seen so many developments and we will continue to witness more under his leadership. President Jammeh has empowered women, improved the roads and health sector. I appeal to him to help the women of Ballangar with a market. Today, no one can differentiate between a rural and urban woman because he has empowered all.


Alpha Dem, Wellingara

I would like to thank the President for changing the country from underdeveloped nation to a developing country. He has provided free education and affordable quality health services to all Gambians.


Ramou Camara, Busumbala

It is under the Revolution that we have seen women occupying key decision-making positions that were meant for only men. We are grateful to the Revolution and I am so happy to witness another anniversary.


Adama Gibba, Banjulinding

I have to thank the President for providing Gambians the first and only TV because Gambians used to watch Senegalese television (RTS) if they.


Alhaji Salif Ceesay, Alkalo Sinchu Alhagie

I am happy to witness this historic and symbolic occasion of the 22nd anniversary of the Revolution. I had a guest who missed The Gambia for a very long time. When he came he was very much impressed at the rapid development in the country. I thank President Jammeh for transforming the country and the lives of Gambians.


Rohey Cham, Latrikunda Sabiji

I want to congratulate all Gambians on this occasion and pray for President Jammeh to continue leading us. Women of the country will continue to rally behind him.


Ndey Kumba Njie, Tobacco Road, Banjul

The Revolution came to change the country and that has been achieved. I pray we live to witness many more. The Gambia was not like this before 1994 but thanks to the Revolution we have been enjoying developments of all facets. I encourage the youth to stay home and support the President.


Isatou Bah, Tallinding

I thank the President for providing free education and for banning early child marriage.


Ousman Nyassi, Foni Bondali

We all know how the country was before the advent of the Revolution. Today we should celebrate because the Revolution has transformed the country greatly. Everyone has a role to play and I hope all will join the President in further developing the country in years to come.


Saul K Saidy, Civil Servant

The Revolution has done a lot to talk about in all sectors. I urge Gambians to unite and change attitudes positively towards one another.


Aji Lena Beyai, SK London Corner

I pray to witness many more celebrations with more developments in the coming years. The President has the interest of Gambians at heart and we should all support him.


Majula Samateh, Fajara

Today is a day for celebration and sober reflection. I thank God for witnessing this celebration because my child got his Masters Degree in Venezuela thanks to President Jammeh.


Amie Sallah, Brufut

I am not blind to the developments ushered in by the leadership. The country is peaceful and everyone is a living witness to that.


Yama Njie, Tabokoto

We cannot pay the President but to rally behind him and pray for his long life and good health.


Modou Lamin Ceesay, UTG

I think the University is one of the most important things that have ever happened to this country and for that we have a lot of respect and honour for the President of the Islamic Republic of The Gambia. We consider him a great man of the country and the African continent. We appreciate what he has done for the country and the UTG students are proud to take part in the celebration.


Sambou Sissoho, MDI

There are so many developments in the country thanks to the Revolution and we are all grateful. Students across all levels are enjoying scholarships and we are so happy for the President. I see The Gambia at the highest level in the coming years.


by Alieu Ceesay