We Have Opportunist Oppositions – APRC Guerilla

We Have Opportunist Oppositions – APRC Guerilla

Musa Sanyang, commonly called APRC Guerilla, has described Gambian opposition leaders as opportunists who only reach out to people during elections. 

Sanyang said these parties have failed to do or provide anything for the people who support them and they are in disarray.

While calling for increased appreciation and gratitude for the President’s developmental endeavours and initiatives, Sanyang prayed for Jammeh’s continued health and strength to fulfill his objectives.

He added that thanks to the beacon of hope set by the Jammeh administration, parties like The Gambia Democratic Congress (GDC) are even calling for development, while emphasising that the current civic engagement in the country is another manifestation of the progressive milestones set by the government in the development of The Gambia.

The APRC Guerilla was speaking in an exclusive Daily Observer interview in a countdown to the 22nd anniversary celebration of the July 22nd Revolution, which ushered in unprecedented development for all to see in The Gambia.

“From 1965 to 2016, we all have seen the Gambia’s evolution from its past to the present. It is thus clear for the Gambian public to evaluate and understand where their interests are in terms of growth and development as manifested from independence to date,” Sanyang highlighted.

The APRC Guerilla further described GDC’s Mama Kandeh as a comedian who has vividly lost his memory of the progress initiated by the Jammeh administration. “What has he done for his people in the number of years he has spent leading his constituency,” Sanyang stressed, challenging and questioning the existence of any developments the opposition has provided for the country or their constituencies as significant paradigms to serve as examples for nation building.

“Let Mama understand that it was the APRC that made him what he is. President Jammeh is here to stay and we as Gambians need him and we want him to continue the advancements he is making.”

The APRC Guerilla affirmed that Jammeh cannot be exchanged for anybody as he used the occasion to additionally commend the Gambian leader for banning FGM and most recently child and forced marriages.


by Musa Ndow