What Are the Steps to Make a Woman Love You?

What Are the Steps to Make a Woman Love You?



Beauty of the Week
I chased a lady for over six months before she finally accepted my proposals to date with me two months ago. After six weeks of her acceptance I started seeing changes that the love is not the over-hill like when she accepted. The new relationship is like when I started chasing her.

One thing is that since we started dating or prior to her acceptance, I always give her anything she wants or asks for and she definitely reciprocate my gesture as she does appreciate it. My problem now is how or what are the steps a man can take to make a girl love him?


Love, love, love! The word love is a special and wonderful thing to have and say to someone especially saying ‘I love you.’ It is because they are three but powerful words. So when you are saying or before you say it to someone make sure that you are ready and you mean it and act or do it accordingly. Making a woman not to lack or providing all her material needs does not make a love but your ability to keep the word ‘love’ alive is what makes ‘love’ itself.

To answer your question on ‘what steps a man can take to make a girl love him’, since you are able to provide everything she needs, take the following into practice to keep the love and make her love you. Always let her know how much you love her and never do anything that will make her doubt your love for her. It is your responsibility to always let her know her worth to you and the gravity of how much she mean to you. This is because it is important that you let her know that there is no other girl, lady or woman that could take her place. Women like that, cherish it and keep it in their record book or diary should anything goes wrong later. This is because women get jealous and they are always suspicious of any move a man or their partner make. Don’t say Lovelines told you this (laugh…).

On a serious note, when it comes to love, mature women think too much and often read actions and events more than a man might think of. But they can help themselves out which is one of the reasons you observe now that your relationship is not ‘over-hill’ like in the begining. It is because mature girls, ladies or women will take it cool before things get out of hand and slip out of the relationship. You’re surprised? I know! I will say it is in their nature and that’s an edge they have over men.

Therefore, it is your responsibility to prove your true love for her. Definitely, there are many girls, ladies and women out there that you can pick from, and they know that but would they be like her? If ‘no,’ as an educated man, put into practice among the above and make her know and believe that she is the only one for you. Good luck!


I Am Madly In Love With Him


I am 22 and he’s 52. He used to love me but I never did. Now I am madly in love with him but he is not also paying attention to me. I need your help!


Such is life and attraction is always like that. Before a question I will crack this love joke with you. It happened that a man met a woman and asked for her number. Instead of this sophisticated damsel to tell the handsome lovely man her number directly, she dipped  her hand into her handbag, she brought out a D200 new note and wrote her number on it. She handed it over to the gentleman. The gentleman collected it gently and cut the part that carried the phone number and threw the other part on the ground and walked away. Tell me, who has the best ‘swagger’ among them (laugh)? Well, you are the cause of him being seemingly disinterested in you, but all you need to do is to take it gently with him; be  good, lovely, caring, and affectionate as you possibly can to him but with discipline to walk back to his heart. So first thing you need to do here is to think if it is true that you are now interested in him and this will let you know the reason you never loved him before. Then if you know why you were not interested in him before you will have an urge to love him because you have realised the difference, which is what makes you interested now. Therefore, let him now know that you love him by giving him your green light, through your body language. In your mind you might be thinking which of the body languages to use. Well, I don’t mean that you should seduce him here but if you think so, still it is harmless. Use the harmless method by letting him know that you love and think about him everyday; send him text messages and voice messages through your Viber, WhatsApp, messenger, because he is older than you. Get to know him more by calling him and ask about his family welfare regularly. But not in an over zealous manner. I mean you should not over do it so that he will not feel that you are overly on him. Buy in a minor but lovely present that will amuse him even ordinary groundnut, pop-up can do the love magic. However, in your messages you should let him know that you respect his love for you, recognise his caring for you, and that you believe in him, and care about him too. Gradually, add love text messages that will arose his feeling to wire back his interest for you. More so, you should be opened to him. Good luck!


My Boyfriend,

 My Best Friend and Child

I am Confused, Don’t Know What to Do!


I am confused that I don’t know what to do. My best friend had a baby for my boyfriend. Though I still love him but I don’t know if I should leave or continue with the relationship and hold on to him because he claims to love me.


I think you need to follow your heart here to lead you to a right decision. Whatever, there is one or two things that you need to think over before your final decision. These things are: Where were you looking at or doing when  your friend was dating your boy friend; that’s if you are the first to start dating him. Or let me say who is the intruder in the relationship? Anyway, love overpowers all, since you still love him and he too claims to love you as well, there is need to give him a second chance. Both of you should sit together and define to each other what you want in the relationship; if both of you are just in it for fun; long or short term or forever.

Good luck!


In Search of My Missing Rib


I am in my 40s, God fearing gentleman, simple and good looking. I want to go out with any kind of lovely, religious, jovial and business/working class woman. I would like the relationship to transform into marriage if we match ourselves. Do you think I can still get such woman to make me happy?


Nothing is impossible. If anyone of you out there is interested in a match call or text any of the above Lovelines numbers. You can be his/her missing rib! Good luck!