Who’s King: Bai Babu Flies Abroad as Gee Makes Thunderous Comeback

Who’s King: Bai Babu Flies Abroad as Gee Makes Thunderous Comeback



Gee has made a thunderous comeback at his gig held at the Penchami on the theme ‘The King is Back’. The self-acclaimed king managed to pull off a crowd not seen in a while by Gambian showbiz, even though he has been dormant for 18 months.

The comeback concert was on point, from the hilarious host Danny Constant to DJ So-Fly chipping in banging interludes. With a well decorated stage, from lights to motion flames and a back drop banner with the hash tag the king is back! A different line up of artistes was seen this time contrary to the normal ones we got bored with as ever present singers in almost every show. Gee catered for the upcoming artistes sidelining the big ones.

A dozen of upcoming artistes were given the platform to perform to a crowd they haven’t seen before, such as Izzy T, Myk Jayda, Bizzle, Jizzle, to name a few. The hall was set ablaze when special guest artiste Dip Doundou Guiss stepped in with his hit track “Assamane”. Dropping hit after hit, the crowd went wild when his hit remix version of the “Panda” beat was played.

In the main act of the night, Gee wasted no time stepping in immediately after Dip Doundou’s performance.  His “Big Headed” hit was the 1st to drop literally tearing the hall apart. The Gee in 2012 was definitely reincarnated.

In an interview with Observer Light back stage, he claimed to have improved in his craft from flow, delivery to stage performance. Gee wrapped up with his all-time hit song “Bul Faleh Nyee” featuring Jali Madi.

A few familiar faces in The Gambian music scene didn’t show up such as the power couple ENC and Ya-Sally Njie. Rappers like ST Birkama Boyo, OG Log, and T Smallz were also absent for reasons unknown.

On the other hand, while Gee was rocking town in Banjul, Bai Babu was in Uncle Sam’s land for the first leg of his US tour with Pape Diouf which kicked off in Atlanta Georgia, home to most Gambians in the United States of America.

The hall was packed with fans of both artistes but Bai Babu’s fans curiously dominated the night as they went to see the performance of the “Malaw” hit maker.

Bai Babu’s music has been sending waves throughout the diaspora, even though he was at odds with some diasporans recently. Bai Babu boosted his new found superstar status considering the fact that many artistes who have attended similar gigs abroad came nowhere near the reception he got.

The Gambian artiste performed above expectation in a show that sparked fans to traditionally showering him with dollar notes. Astonishingly, his songs were sang word for word, melody after melody; danced just as it is done anytime he takes to the stage back home.

Well, Gee, the self-acclaimed king, also proved a point after a rare turnout after an 18-month absence but Bai Babu proved to be in such a sensational form after his international masterclass of a gig which was just a start.

So it’s up to YOU to do the comparison, but lest you forget, the duo is all doing a worthy cause in raising The Gambia flag.

by Bai Ibrahim Cham