Wulli East Predicts Landslide Win for Jammeh

Wulli East Predicts Landslide Win for Jammeh



Supporters of the ruling Alliance for Patriotic Re-orientation and Construction in the Wulli East District of the Upper River Region have expressed confidence of a landslide win for President Jammeh in tomorrow’s polls. They have also declared their district a no go area for the opposition.

In a mass political rally held in Bajakunda village, APRC district chairman Saikouna Bajaha underscored the significance of the meeting. He said since 1994 the people of the district are behind the development oriented party, thus they will continue to redouble their unflinching support to President Jammeh and the APRC party .

“I’m confident that the President is going to win in the December 1 presidential election taken into account that the entire community is behind President Jammeh and the rapid development that he has brought to us,” he stated.

“There are a lot of development projects that are coming to our doorsteps because president Jammeh is a leader committed to  development. Laminkoto-Passimas road has commenced and work is ongoing.”

The regional governor Alhaji Omar Sompo Ceesay called on the community to redouble their unflinching support to President Jammeh. He urged the electorate not to listen to the empty promises of the opposition. “All the promises that the President has made have been fulfilled,” Governor Ceesay said. “The win has already been secured for the APRC party; what is left is that the villages, districts and regions are competing to finish first.”

The minister of Agriculture, Ismaila Sanyang, enjoined various speakers by urging them to vote massively for the President. He said all the constraints and challenges been raised by the community will be addressed as soon as possible. He reminded the gathering of the multi-million dollar agricultural project that was recently launched in the region, adding that the project will be predominantly based in the region.

“There is no doubt that Bajakunda and the catchment area is a stronghold of the ruling government, thus it is of crucial importance for you to manifest it in this year’s election by voting for President Jammeh massively,” he said.

The women mobiliser of Wulli East Aja Fatou Nyabally, the chairman of the district’s council of elders Bandeh Koto Wally and the councillor of Sabi Ward Ayuba Jawara all expressed confidence of an overwhelmingly victory for Jammeh.

by Momodou Jawo in Basse URR